Breakfast Seminar: Meet CEFIMA / The Norwegian Film School

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NCE Media / MCB Media Lab have the pleasure of having CEFIMA (Centre for Excellence in Film and Interactive Media Arts) and The Norwegian Film School from Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences – Lillehammer Campus in the Media Lab for a breakfast seminar on their use of technology in the film school's education.


25. September.

Time: 08:00 - 09:15


The seminar starts at 08.15 - breakfast will be served from 08.00.

CEFIMA will present the following projects at this breakfast seminar:

Ways of Expression
The impact of VFX technology on modern storytelling in film and interactive media production

PhD Candidate Rafal Hanzl has investigated new creative methods for a new key creative profession in the film industry: Digital Visual Designer. This artist works alongside the Cinematographer and Production Designer as a visual storyteller working to bring to life the director’s vision. An analogy would be to say that just like Cinematographers have the camera as their most important tool, the Digital Visual Designers have the computer as theirs. And just like the Cinematographer they use their tool to bring the story to life.

Read more about the project here

Lone Wolves Stick Together, roleplaying in Virtual Reality
From immersion to participatory storytelling: bridging Film, Nordic Larp, Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality

PhD Candidate Nadja Lipsyc has developed "Lone Wolves Stick Together", a Virtual Reality project for six players, that explores the possibilities of combining immersive Film and Animation with LARP tools for interactivity, embodiment, interpretation, and participatory fiction.

Read more about the project here

Travel Through Time:
Recreating the classic short la jetée as a virtual reality experience

PhD Candidate Inger Cecilie Levy has explored how to engage the viewer in a VR narrative: An exploration of VR storytelling tools, using the 1962 science fiction featurette La Jetée (The Jetty) by Chris Marker as an object of analysis and investigation. The final objective of this project is to translate story elements and structures from this film into an experimental and artistically reimagined VR production.

Read more about the project here


The vision for CEFIMA is innovation in NFS’ present teaching and learning programmes in filmmaking to fully incorporate digital technology and interactivity as a means of artistic expression. Digital technology has long been adopted in all phases of film and television production, but artists are just now beginning to explore its full potential. The challenge is to prepare students to exploit the new technologies for telling meaningful stories that help us understand both intellectually and emotionally an increasingly complex world. The core of CEFIMA actions will be students’ tests and exercises using new digital media in the creation of innovative storytelling. To this we bring the unique teaching and learning practice in cinematic storytelling developed at NFS over the last 20 years, recognised for its responsiveness to the changing demands of society and a rapidly evolving industry.

More info on Cefima here


Where to go
Media City Bergen has two entrances: Lars Hilles gate 30 and Odd Frantzens plass 5.

Entering From Lars Hilles Gate 30:

  • Go down the stairs on your right when entering MCB
  • Hold right and walk towards the restaurant area until you reach tower 3
  • Event staff will guide you to the Media Lab. 

Entering From Odd Frantzens Plass:

  • Go left when entering MCB
  • Walk towards the Friends of Food booths, and go to the right towards the restaurant.
  • Tower 3 will be on your left, where event staff will guide you to the Media Lab.

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