eSports, 5G streaming, 8K cameras, satellite innovations and many more of the biggest breakthroughs in broadcast, media, satellite and film! Join the full content journey, from ideation to production to distribution at CABSAT.


31. March - 2. April.

Time: 08:00 - 16:00


Organized by Cabsat


From a surge in popularity of virtual reality to downloading entire films in seconds via 5G, the media and entertainment industry will be unrecognisable in years to come.

A new world order is installed where people routinely multi-screen and OTT viewing is on the rise. Attention spans are short, sharing is big, social media dominates people’s lives. PLUS the content industry is witnessing disruption on a grand scale.

CABSAT is working with the most innovative content creators, producers, broadcast technology providers, satellite distribution and content delivery companies to identify the traits of success across all verticals to identify common characteristics that will be the blueprint for growth.

Learn, Network, Identify & Be Part of MEASA region's only platform that inspires creativity, showcases leading edge products in production, post-production, delivery and distribution. 

Why you should be part of the annual event

  • Enhance existing product and service portfolio
  • Gain market share in existing segment/geography
  • Enhance digital capabilities
  • Gain exposure to new geographical markets
  • Transform product and service portfolio
  • Improve customer engagement
  • Integrate/extend value-chain position
  • Drive business efficiencies and cost control
  • Monetise and divest non-core assets

Plus engage with passionate, groundbreaking creatives, engineers and strategists who know how to cut through the noise and take the industry into a brave new world


Dubai World Trade Centre
Sheikh Zayed Rd - Dubai - De forente arabiske emirater

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