Industry Associates Program

Published 14.02.2018
The Industry Associate Program offers companies outside of the Cluster the opportunity to join one of the world’s leading ecosystems for media and media technology innovation and solution development.

The Norwegian Media Cluster is a world leader in mixed reality, graphics, visualization, digitalization, broadcast and television technology. Media City Bergen, a state-of-the art campus and environment, is the Cluster’s headquarters. The Cluster now open its doors to companies with products, technology or skills relevant or complementary to the media supply chain. Media City Bergen is the place to promote your business, collaborate with partners, learn, and explore.

Challenges surrounding digitalization impact the media industry and all links in the supply chain must collaborate, learn and develop.

82% of the more than 100 members of the Cluster launch new innovations each year and have built success in a uniquely collaborative environment with new business models and skills, cutting-edge solutions, and proximity to partners and customers.

The Industry Associates Program is geared towards companies that can extract and contribute value through active participation. The program provides value through networking opportunities with broadcasters and publishers, profiling and promotion, conferences, seminars and study tours, and joint research & development projects for innovation and integration with other members.

Join the Industry Associate Program to promote your brand and sell your products and services. You can join exclusive activities and host and run your own events and projects to collaborate with partners. Our seminars and conferences are unique occasions to develop your skills base and to connect with peers from cutting-edge media industry environments.

Media City Bergen promotes associates to a large base of international contacts. We encourage involvement from associates to join our Editorial Council to help set the direction for our events and conferences, where your experts can also join as delegates or speakers.

Your unique benefits


Companies in the Industry Associate Program will benefit from active participation in the Cluster by:

- Building brand awareness and selling your products & services in the Media Cluster network.

- Profiling and promoting your company through the Media Cluster website, newsletters, digital signage in the Media Lab, and Social Media coverage.

- Integrate your technology and expertise into the Bergen Media Platform sandbox environment

- Collaborating with partners to innovate and create new ideas and developing new solutions.

- Being inside one of the most interesting and forward leaning innovation houses, and learn from the best – skills, methodology and competence which will give your business the edge to compete in an integrated digital media world.

- Participating in events in the Media City Bergen Media Lab as attendees and contributors.

- Running and hosting your own events in the media lab in collaboration with the Cluster organization.

- Identifying and recruiting missing skills to develop your own organization.

- Joining our Editorial Council to set the direction for our events, content development, and conferences.

Industry Associate Elite:

You will have access to selected activities, events, seminars, courses and workshops for free, and be able to network, collaborate, and learn.

Profiling on web and newsletters. Integrate your solutions in the Bergen Media Platform

Invitations to sponsor events, and by invitation contribute with speakers and/or moderators.

Access to the Innovators Circle level for visionary leaders, with exclusive content and ­activities.

You can run and host your own events in the Media Lab in collaboration with the Cluster organization, such as Hackathons, Seminars and Workshops.

You can attend conferences, special workshops and study tours free of charge.

Profiling through digital signage in the Media Lab.

Tailored services.

To inquire about our Industry Associate program, contact Helge Svela (helge() for more information.