Innovators Circle

Published 25.03.2019
The exclusive forum for visionary leaders in all businesses. Join one of the world’s leading ecosystems for innovation and knowledge in media and media tech, and connect with inspiring leaders.

The media industry was one of the first industries forced to restructure and reorganize as a result of digitalization and has gained valuable experience and learning through the process. Today leaders in all industries and businesses face the same challenges when it comes to digitalization, visualization, AI, augmented reality and rapid business development. Several of the Media Cluster companies are world leaders in these fields.

By invitation, companies in all sectors and industries may join the Media Cluster Innovators Circle tier with access to exclusive content and activities. Innovator Circle leaders can attend exclusive networking events, business forums and roundtables. Throughout the year, you will be able to meet with world leading and inspiring speakers, leaders and coaches. Innovator Circle leaders are also able to join C-level seminars and study tours, and also have access to different meetings, workshops and exclusive seminars.

Innovator Circle leaders can also use the media lab and media lab facilities to run their own events, workshops or seminars in collaboration with the Media Cluster Organization.

To inquire about our Innovators Circle program, contact CEO Anne Jacobsen  (anne()