Published 15.05.2018
PROGRAM: All keynotes, presentations, and sessions at mcb tech .18 are listed below.

June 21 - Day One

Location: Scandic Ørnen Hotel (Lars Hilles gate 18, 5008 Bergen)

08.30: Registration, breakfast – plus hot and strong coffee.

09.00: Opening Speech, Olav Sandnes, CEO/Chief Editor, TV 2

09.10: Introducing Kjetil H Dale, the Conference Host

The conference host for the very first mcb tech .18 is Kjetil H. Dale, an experienced TV 2 news anchor, and a renowned journalist. 

09.15: Richard Rumelt: Good Strategy/Bad Strategy. The Difference and Why it Matters

Widely known for his unique and penetrating perspectives, a “Strategy’s Strategist,” and shortlisted for Times Goldman Sachs 2011 Best Business Book of the Year Award.

09.55: Break

10.15: The Digital Dragon

There is a second wave of innovation rising and it will affect us all. Only this time it’s not Silicon Valley. From the world's largest internet population, a new world order has been created. Digital China has outgrown the rest of the world and has become the only real competitor to Silicon Valley. It is a Digital Dragon. By Tom Xiong & Jacob Lovén.

10.50: Scouting for Bundesliga using AI

How can you use AI to unlock human talent? Roland Becker, CEO, Just Add Ai, shows how the German Bundesliga, one of the most competitive leagues in the world, benefits from using AI to find the best talents

11.25: Storytelling the Royal Wedding with AI

‘Who’s Who’ among Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Invited Guests? No longer a futuristic scenario, video AI and analytics know who and where you are, and how ‘important’ you are. For the recent Royal wedding, where the world watched as Prince Harry got his Meghan Markle, Sky News viewers could also follow along as GrayMeta’s solution automatically identified the guests upon arrival. By Matt Eaton, General Manager EMEA, GrayMeta

12.00: Lunch

12.45: Let us Amaze You

The breathtaking and jawdropping. The funny and entertaining. The unexpected and the surprising. Anything can happen.

12.55: AI and Cognitive Technologies: How will they Change the Way we Work and Live?

Society is in the midst of a digitization push that the world has never seen, and we have only just started. AI and Cognitive technologies are changing the way we use machines, the way we view the world and the way we engineer new products and systems. But how will AI itself evolve in the near future and what will this mean for us? By Loek Vredenberg, CTO and Technical Leader, IBM Norway. 

13.30: How Estonia has Digitalized a whole Country

What happens when society becomes increasingly digital, where most aspects of life can be managed online? Kalle Palling, MP, Parliament of Estonia shows how this has taken shape for his country, which is probably the most digital country in the world. Almost all parts of your life can be dealt with online in Estonia. What are the opportunities in this scenario for the country and for companies?

14.05: Break

14.25: Let us amaze you. A surprise from stage.

The breathtaking and jawdropping. The funny and entertaining. The unexpected and the surprising. Anything can happen.

14.35: How Will the Emerging Trends Affect YOU?

Erica Orange from Future Hunters makes you think in ways you never have before. She evaluates the global trends that are shaping the landscape today, and identifies the strategic implications (the “So what?”) that you need to be aware of. How can you think differently about the future? How can you put change in context so that you can better deal with it – and profit from it?

15.10: The Walking OB Van for "Monsen Minutt for Minutt"

What will users expect from tomorrow's media? How can content and experiences be best designed for interactivity and engagement? See how NRK has combined skills, cutting edge tech and lots of creativity, including duct tape and Chinese gadgets, to develop unique experiences and storytelling techniques for its viewers. By Eirik Solheim, NRKBeta.

15.45: Break

16.10: Everything is a story, and Your Story is Everything

As tech continues to create new opportunities, people need to be ready to learn, grow, and change! Kate Adams, VP Analytic Programs at BAMTech Media, has a unique combination of talents, with a background in tech, focused on storytelling. She is a highly motivational, entertaining and energetic speaker, and discusses how reinvention of oneself is critical during this time of advancing innovation.

16.45: Let us amaze you: How beer became intelligent 

17.00: Afterparty in MCB Media Lab

June 22 - Day Two

Day two will have parallel sessions all over Media City Bergen. All sessions are open to everyone who like to attend, except breakfast and the exclusive 09.00 session, which is for conference pass holders only. If you have a conference pass (get yours here!) you will have a priority to all events. You will also have your coffee, drinks and meals included (Breakfast and lunch)


08.30 - 09.00: Breakfast (For conference pass holders only)

09.00 - 09.45: Keynote: When Cooperation Becomes the Best Business Model (For conference pass holders only)

Why are competitors in the banking industry joining forces and how do DNB work with such partnerships? Is banking and finance unique as a sector or can other industries learn from this? By Petter Lee-Johannessen, EVP & Head of Strategic Partnerships, DNB.


10.00-10-25: Man vs. Machine: Applications of Machine Learning in Finance

New technological advancements allow firms to compile and analyze data in unprecedented ways. In this talk, Professor Walt Pohl from NHH will explain why machine learning has become such a hot topic and discuss the opportunities and dangers it presents for the financial services industry.

10.30-10.55: Is your Business Ready for a Cyber Attack?

Cyber attacks represent an increasing threat to businesses. In the years to come we will see continued creativity from different players, both national and international. Linn Klausen and Tor Saltveit from Deloitte gets you up to speed on what you need to know, and will show a sample of cyber threats in different sectors. What risks do these threats present? How do you manage the risk with limited security resources?

11.00-11.25: Without Trust there will be no Innovation

Miles have built a successful business on a trust based organizational structure, and were named one of the most innovative companies the three last years by Innomag. Tom Georg Olsen, Chairman and Enterprise Servant Leader, will share how to build a successful business for the future.

11.30-11.55: How to Generate Results through Agile Processes, Right-Sized Budgets, and a Healthy Appetite for Change

How to take advantage of speed and a smaller size, and how Fana Sparebank embodies the vision of “close to where you are” by launching smart, digital solutions. Through their focus on the customer’s experience, and by leveraging their employees’ imagination, energy and expertise, Fana Sparebank has created and are delivering these new solutions at a rapid pace and with limited budgets. By Marianne Wik Sætre, Fana Sparebank

12.00-12.25: Meet your New Colleague – The Robot

AVO Consulting utilize Robotics, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to design and automate business processes and build the organizations of the future on a large scale. By Erik Lien, AVO

(Tower 3, 9th floor)

10.00-10.25What does the next generation of TV viewing experiences look like? 

The digital industry is all about the attention economy and personalised experiences, where the end user is empowered to communicate with others taking part in the experience. Video content is being consumed on whatever device is available for the end user, and more and more content is tailor made for smaller screens. The broadcast industry on the other hand, is still producing it’s content as if most users consume it the way it has been done the last 30 years - It’s mostly optimised for the big screen, it’s a “one to everyone” communication with little or no possibility to personalise the live experience.

How should the TV experience be, in a future where the user want to consume TV on any device, and want to choose themselves if they want to lean back or engage with the broadcast? By Kjetil Horneland, CEO, Sixty. 

10.30-10.55: Create with Humans, Scale with Machines

Arash Pendari and Patrick Danckwardt from Vionlabs shows you how modern technologies like AI, machine learning and computer vision can bring back the passion for content. It’s about how you can re-engineer the emotions and intentions of movies and series to create tools and insights that can help the TV-industry to not only better understand the consumers but also to bring out the full value of the content, the services and even to free up your employees to focus on creative work while machines do all the boring stuff.

11.00-11.25: The Next Generation Of Chatbots - Intelligent, Offline, and Open Source

Get to know JAAI Agent, a powerful toolset for the leading OpenSource chatbot engine This new generation of chatbot technology is rapidly changing the market: These chatbots handle contextual dialogues with deep learning instead of hand-crafted fixed rules. By Roland Becker, CEO, Just Add AI.

11.30-11.55: Accessibility: The Most Future-Focused and Cutting Edge Web Tech you may Have Ignored

Accessibility may be web developers least favorite thing to work on. Yet, accessible tech is at the core of the most cutting edge digital information services to hit the market in recent years.

Øystein Moseng, Core Developer at Highsoft, will take you through the history, present and future of web accessibility, from screen readers and machine-readable visualizations, to sonification and voice interfaces, and why you need to care. Moseng will be speaking on day two of the conference. Miss this, and miss out!

12.00-12.25: Technology in Future Journalism and Storytelling

No secret that broadcasters and news organization face new challenges as TV consumption has changed dramatically. Millennials and Generation Z are dropping traditional TV and long video formats, to instead be enlightened and entertained through smartphones, social media and short clip formats. Is it possible for journalists and editors to drop their heavy broadcast equipment, to instead tell breaking news using their mobile phones and browser-based software?

Learn how engineers at Vimond Media Solutions use new technologies to improve the workflow for news room and video editors to meet the new demands from the digital generation. By Kenneth Cuomo, Product Manager, Vimond.

12.30-12.55: Exploring the future of Collaboration

The last few years VR and AR has started getting attention outside the tech community. It is now easy to get hold of good VR equipment to do experiments and get a good idea of the possibilities of virtual reality. This also gives exiting opportunities for collaboration and information sharing. In this talk we want to share our hard earned experiences and explore the future of virtual collaboration and information sharing beyond the boundaries of physical limitations. By Ricki Sickenger, Partner and Head of VR/AR at Sonat Consulting Bergen AS.

(Tower 1, 6th floor)

10.00-10.25: The Future of AR

By Vizrt. Details TBA

10:30-10:55: How can Sketch-Based Modelling be used for Fast Creation of News?

Sketch-based modelling is the field of creating 3D computer graphics models using rapid sketching methods similar to the way artists quickly sketch down an illustration with pencil and paper. Most existing modelling tools require a low-level creation of models by defining polygons. However, a user usually doesn't care about individual polygons, but has a mental image of the model that she wants to make. By Daniel Patel, Senior Scientist CMR / Associate Professor HVL

11.00-11.25: You are Now a Professional 3D Modeler

You may not know it, but by the help of newly developed computer tools, you are now a competent user of one of the most training heavy disciplines in modern business. Join our talk to find out how this is possible, and how it will change modern industries. By Gustav Tresselt, CEO, TenkLabs.

(Tower 2, 10th floor)

Mediability's event is free and open for anyone interested and will take place at the Mediability office, 2nd tower, 10th floor, in Media City Bergen. There will be a series of masterclass sessions from their partners ARRI, AWS Elemental and Litepanels.  

To register for the Mediability sessions, click here 

10:20 - 11:00: Masterclass: "Cinematic Multicam for Broadcast"

By Andy Hayford and Mark Dollery, ARRI Cinematic

11:10 - 11:50: Masterclass: "Architecting video workflows with AWS Media Services"

By AWS Elemental

In this session, AWS Elemental will introduce the capabilities of the cloud native AWS Media services, and how they can be used to build live, on-demand, personalized, monetized and intelligent video workflows that empower you to drive innovation and differentiation

11:50 - 12:30: Lunch, courtesy of Mediability 

12:30 - 14:00: Masterclass: "Get the light right"

By David Newton, Professional Photographer, Filmmaker and Litepanels ambassador

As a professional tutor David will help you understand, and make the most of the Litepanels LED technology, while pushing you to extend your passion for videography and photography

14:00 - 15:30: Open invitation to a demo tour in MCB Expo

Guest experts from Litepanels and AWS Elemental will be on site. Get a chance to see Litepanels Gemini in action, as well as other equipment from Mediability's partners.

To register for the Mediability sessions, click here