How to use the lab

Published 10.07.2018
Looking to boost your innovation project? Do you need some top equipment for your workshop, or just a place to gather your team? Maybe you want to use our showroom for your presentations or seminars? As a member of the Media Cluster, you have access to the lab and all of its facilities.

We have a range of different facilities and resources available to suit all needs for innovation, prototyping and product development, including fully equipped project rooms and workshop stations for you and your team to use. You are also free to invite your partners or customers to showcase your latest stuff in our showroom. A great place where your next great idea or innovation may be developed.

Want to join the Media Cluster? Read more about a membership here, or contact


1. Read the rules: One pager & Detailed Guidelines (in Norwegian)
2. Send a mail to and we will add you as a user in our system. 
3. After we have added you in our organization, you will receive a mail from RobinPowered, where you will have to verify your address. Click this link and create your account, using the same e-mail. The organization username is: mcb-media-lab. 
4. Once verified, you will have access to our facilities. 
5. Click here to browse and book our facilities. 
6. For mobile access we recommend you to download the Robin app at App Store / Google Play 

When using our facilities, you have free access to coffee, high speed wifi and printer. 

PS: When you book our spaces, we urge you to send an invite to all members of your project group. This way, we will always have an overview of who is in the lab at any given time.


Three project rooms:
All rooms can be rented free of charge by our members 24 hours a day. Minimum rental time is 15 minutes and there is no upper limit.

1. Dr. Watson

Project room with ten seats, a 65" display, large windows and a beautiful view. The room is equipped with Cisco Room Kit, to suit your video-collaboration needs.

Send a mail to if you are interested in using this room.

2. On Demand

A small project room with six seats, comfortable climate, large windows and beautiful views. The room is equipped with AV equipment and whiteboard, wireless internet and a large touchscreen (55” - 70”).


3. The Cloud

A small project room with four seats, comfortable climate and large windows. The room is equipped with AV equipment and whiteboard, wireless internet and a large touchscreen (55” - 70”).


Work groups

Five work groups consisting of tables and desks of varying sizes, from four to ten seats, that can be rented free of charge by our members 24 hours a day. They are all located in open landscape with a comfortable and creative atmosphere. 


A large showroom with a 98" Ultra HD Display and flexible furniture at your disposal.
The lab will be a vital part of what we present to both our national and international visitors and partners, and the showroom is a prime location to showcase your latest innovations or product.

Send a mail to if you are interested in using the showroom.

Available spaces for guests/members
We have some free spaces which can be hired for a short time by employees in our member companies. Get in touch with us if you need a space between meetings, just visiting the city for a day or just need a day out of your own office. 

Send a mail to or if you are interested in using the showroom.