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Published 07.09.2018
NCE Media stimulates and contributes to specific development projects between different players in the media cluster and R&D environments. Annually, we facilitate around 40 projects of different sizes in and around the cluster.

Ongoing Projects

Norwegian AI Centre

Industry clusters in the Bergen region, the City of Bergen, Bergen Chamber of Commerce and Industry, VIS Innovation, Helse Bergen and several of the academic institutions in Bergen are now joining forces to set up a national center for cognitive technologies with IBM as the technology partner. The ambition is to raise expertise and competence in artificial intelligence. 

The project is initiated through the close collaboration between IBM and NCE Media, with IBM also being a partner in the Media City Bergen Media Lab. It is the complete and full ecosystem with solid industry clusters, a strong academic environment, and a forward leaning public sector that makes the region particularly attractive and suitable for such a center. 

The Norwegian AI Center will be located in Media City Bergen Media Lab in its initial phase.

Partners: NCE Media, GCE Ocean Technology, NCE Finance, NCE Seafood, Proptech Innovation, The City of Bergen, Bergen Chamber of Commerce and Industry, VIS Innovation, Helse Bergen, University of Bergen, dept of Media and Information Science, NORA (The Norwegian Artificial Intelligence Research Consortium), HVL

Contact Person NCE Media: Anne Jacobsen

MCB Journalism Lab

The Norwegian Media Cluster drives several strategic innovation initiatives to define the direction of the global media industry beyond today’s challenges. One of our recent lighthouse projects is The Journalism Lab. The goal is to empower journalism and storytelling for the future by developing new and more efficient tools for rapid, digital-first production and multi-platform distribution. Create sustainable concepts for new business models and monetization opportunities.

Partners: The Media Cluster
Contact Person NCE Media: Roy Tore Jensen

IBC - A Joint Effort to Bring Norwegian Tech to a Global Marked
Fourteen of the Media Cluster companies will be at the Media City Bergen Pavillion at IBC, a joint stand showcasing world class media tech innovations and solutions from Media City Bergen.

The IBC Show, held in Amsterdam in September, is Europe's number one technology conference and expo, gathering around 55,000 participants and around 1700 exhibitors from 170+ countries to experience cutting edge solutions and industry innovations. This is an important arena for the Norwegian Media Cluster, where several of the cluster companies are present to showcase innovations and solutions. Last year the Media City Bergen Village opened for the first time, housing 13 Media Cluster Companies under one roof.

The «Media City Bergen Village» is 160 square meters situated in hall 8 (Booth C10), conveniently located close to the IBC Future Zone. The MCB Village will host a variety of activities, product demonstrations and presentations, and of course social events every afternoon. Not only are the Village bringing together several of the Media Cluster key companies, but also giving space to smaller cluster members and startups to showcase their solutions, normally not able to set up their own booth at IBC, giving them a direct highway to the international market.

Partners: Mjoll, Tenklabs, Rainfall, VIS Innovation, 7Mountains, Sixty, Mediability, StormGeo, Wolftech, Vimond, TV 2, Norkring, IBM. 

Contact Person NCE Media: Roy Tore Jensen

Future Week

Future Week consists of a number of research seminars, workshops, breakfast ­meetings, popup-talks, entertainment, demos, presentations, debates, talks and discussions. The topics are mostly within the media cluster’s disciplines but also our partners from different industries and other future oriented environments in the region will contribute with activities this week. Read more.


UiB, Vizrt, Vimond, Mediability, Highsoft, NRK, Sixty, TV 2, BT, Ludenso, Sonat, ScaryWeather, Mjoll, IBM, MBL, Electric Friends, NagellD, Knowit, Myreze, Rainfall, Tenklabs, Bergen Robotics, Motion Corppration.

Contact Person NCE Media: Anne Jacobsen

Norwegian Model for the spoken word in media and language technology

The project draws on IBM´s solution for AI, Watson, to learn Norwegian using archive material from NRK and TV 2. The result will help broadcasters to be better equipped to analyse and manage their own library content.

Partners: IBM, NRK, TV 2
Contact Person NCE Media: Rune Smistad

Tags: language technology, AI, broadcast

The Vidden Project

The project aims at using beacons to serve relevant content to people hiking in the mountains. Hikers will get access to localised information, weather forecasts, advice on routes, local history etc. The project has a wide involvement from member companies, including Scanreach, Knowit, TV2, and Apility. NCE Media has partnered with NCE Tourism, the City of Bergen, Innovation Norway and with funding from SparebankenVest. Read more about this project HERE

Partners: NCE Tourism, Sparebanken Vest, The Municipality of Bergen, Innovation Norway, Scanreach, Knowit, TV 2, Apility. 
Contact Person NCE Media: Rune Smistad

Tags: experience technology, tourism

Startup Europe for Growth and Innovation Radar  

This is a H2020 funded project where the call for applications will be open from October 2018. The project will connect 4-5 European centres of media technology to share and support each other with mentors, investors, partners and clients. The deadline for applications is Q12019. If interested to know more about our plans and the project, please contact Kristoffer Hammer.

Contact Person NCE Media: Kristoffer Hammer

Tags: H2020, funding, Europe, international, incubator, accelerator

Projects in the Development phase

Global Content Alliance in cooperation with media clusters across Europe 

NCE Media is working with European partners to develop a joint support and development for companies working with enhancing the experience of live events. The target group for the project are those that have technology or services that builds on an event, such as presenting stats and information around what you are watching, offering complimentary services, or simply start the engagement before it happens by serving practical and relevant information ahead of the event.

The EU funded project is intending to put in place better support for companies wanting to enter new markets. Both in terms of having people present on the ground, as well as offering support for the staff that will be involved.

Partners: Le Pôle Media Grand Paris, Transmedia Bayern, Media Evolution Malmø, The TWIST Cluster (Wallonia)
Contact Person NCE Media: Kristoffer Hammer

Tags: Internationalization, capacity building

Bergen Media Platform

We are launching Bergen Media Platform; open data, APIs and technical platforms from cluster companies and international tech partners to be used as a sandbox by students, startups, researchers, teams and project developers.

Contact Person NCE Media: Rune Smistad

Tags: AI, Watson, open data

Sandbox Hub (VRT startup network – EU Media Road)

The Media Cube, our own incubator is a part of the Sandbox hub, European network of incubators. The network is coordinated by VRT in Brussels and help start ups work find partners and clients. The regular meetings, online and in person helps to gain new insight, networking and identify opportunities.

Contact Person NCE Media: Kristoffer Hammer

Tags: europe, internationalisation, EU, incubator

Grant Applications in progress

Application for the establishment of the Bergen Media User Lab

NCE Media is cooperating with the Department of Informatics and media studies at the University of Bergen, to establish a consortium to establish a lab to study media consumption. Focus of the project is to understand the changes in how people use media, what they expect from media in terms of content, availability and costs. Behind the delivery of content, we will discuss the role and opportunities for technology for the production and delivery of content, including AI. And finally – what business models are appropriate to pay for the media of the future?

Partners: University of Bergen (Dept of Information Science and Media Studies)
Contact Person NCE Media: Kristoffer Hammer

Tags: funding, research, future of the media, funding


SkattefUNN is a fantastic opportunity for any company to get some of its investments on innovation and development back. 25% of the costs can be returned through the tax bill. NCE Media offers two workshops a year. The Project team can also offer guidance on writing the application. More info HERE

Contact Person NCE Media: Kristoffer Hammer

Tags: funding