People and Competence

Published 08.05.2020
NCE Media organizes a wealth of seminars, courses, hackathons, workshops, study trips and conferences year round for our members.

We arrange 90+ events every year on different locations. The topics range from the very nerdy stuff, to the "big" discussions on society and media futures. The best way to stay updated on events are to sign up to our newsletter, check out our events calendar or follow us on Facebook. 

Show & Tell

Show & Tell is our informal, laidback arena, where you can meet other cluster members and learn about the latest innovations in the cluster.

Breakfast Meetings

In collaboration with our members, we regularly arrange a wide range of interesting and educational breakfast meetings


Learn from the best! Take part in workshops and discover or get up-to-speed with the latest trends with the best practices, tips and tricks from top-notch experts! 


Join our seminars to gain better insight in relevant subjects and topics. 


We invite you to our hackathons! A hackathon is a frenzy of ideas, creativity, business model creation, coding and designing. You can build a prototype, or you can present a concept, a great solution to a problem, or innovative visualizations.

Study Tours

As a Media Cluster member or associate you can join the many different study tours organized by NCE Media. Most study tours are free of charge. You can read more about it here.


The Norwegian Media Cluster has evolved into an exciting international environment with more than 100 companies, with a total revenue of more than 1 billion USD, and six major universities and research facilities as members. See all members here.

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