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Node | Create is a union for communication, innovation and creativity. A node is a connecting point. A unit in a network. Tomorrows solutions to todays problems will be solved by specialists within different fields of expertise, working together in cross-disciplinary collaboration. Node | Create will gather the specialists, solve the task, and resolve the group after solving your task. This is how projects can be better, cheaper and quicker with our guidance.

We are filmmakers, photographers, trainers / lecturers, design thinkers and brand consultants. With multidisciplinary backgrounds ranging from fine arts, agency experience, media experience, directors / producers, innovation, academic background and not least; ability to put this into effective strategies, we are able to make a significant change for organizations. Our strategies are built on insights from research, both quantitative and ethnological, paired with long experience of practical work in communication and innovation.

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Lars Petter Aase

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