Media Lab launch at IBC Amsterdam


Join our Media Lab launch at Taste of Okura, Amsterdam


16. September.

Time: 17:00 - 19:00


The Norwegian Media Cluster, headquartered in Bergen, is a world leader when it comes to augmented reality, graphics, visualization, broadcast and television technology. The cluster has evolved into an exciting international environment with VizrtVimond Media SolutionsMediabilityTV 2NRKSixtyHighsoft and the The University of Bergen (Dept. of Information Science and Media Studies) as key players. The cluster in total counts more than 90 companies with a total revenue of almost 1 billion USD, and six major universities and research facilities as members. 

Now, all the key players in the cluster, including 220 students, are co-located under the same roof in the new science park Media City Bergen™ in the city center. The Media Lab is located on the top floor in the new building, and will serve as the core of the innovation- and research projects for the cluster and cluster partners. Housing digital platforms, a showroom, and all the best tools for innovation, the lab will be a fertile breeding ground for new ideas, great solutions and new companies. 


Saturday, Sept 16, 5pm-7pm:
Official launch and cocktails at Taste of Okura.
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About the media lab:
The Norwegian Media Cluster is launching a world class media innovation lab – a sandbox for innovation and research, as well as a hub for joint projects between industry, research facilities and R&D institutions. Housing digital platforms, a showroom, and all the best tools for innovation, the lab will represents a vital tool to develop a strong industry, enhance innovation and grow future successes.

Bergen Media Platform 
We are also pleased to announce the launch of Bergen Media Platform – open data, APIs and technical platforms from cluster companies and international tech partners, available for students, startups, researchers, teams and project developers in the cluster.

Go Global
The media innovation lab will launch a pre-accelerator program for business development, and also a program for internationalization purposes in close collaboration with the global network of Innovation Norway.

Expecting substantial interest from all over the world with the newly opened Media City Bergen™, the lab will also have a showroom to showcase the latest cluster innovations. The lab will be the core of the Media Cluster, and a vital part of what we are presenting to visitors and partners, both national and international.

The lab will be located in new science park, Media City Bergen™, in the city center of Bergen, Norway. You will find the lab on the top floor of the south tower. Encompassing 500 square meters, the lab will house between 20-30 different companies/teams, and numerous innovation- and research projects throughout the year.

In the same tower you will also find the new startup lab/incubator, Mediekuben, run by the Bergen Technology Transfer Office, (BTO). Together these two floors – the innovation tower – will serve as the core of the media cluster when it comes to innovation, research, startups, entrepreneurship and business development.


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