Showroom & Workshop

Published 11.03.2020
The Media Lab, including the Showroom and Workshop stations, can be used, free of charge, by members and partners of the Media Cluster for innovation collaboration, project development, workshops, events and more.

If you want to invite people to an organized and larger event, seminar or workshop in the lab, we can normally host between 50-100 people, depending on set up. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and Infection Prevention Guidelines this capacity is reduced and it will change in accordance to national and regional guidelines. Read more about our Infection Prevention Guidelines and Measures here (sett inn hyperlenke).

Please make sure that the purpose/topic of the event are within Media Cluster disciplines and/or focus areas, or more generally related to innovation and tech development. Such events will be co-organised or co-hosted by NCE Media/Media City Bergen, and should be open for everyone in the Media Cluster to attend.

The Media Lab, including the Showroom and Workshop stations, can be used free of charge for events when:

  • You are a member of partner of the Media Cluster
  • The event is co-organised or co-hosted by NCE Media/Media City Bergen
  • The event is open for everyone in the Media Cluster to attend
  • The purpose/topic of the event is within Media Cluster disciplines and/or focus areas


If you wish to use the lab for “internal” events (workshops with your customers, closed events or such), it will still be possible, but a fee will be applied. During the Covid-19 pandemic you will also be charged for professional cleaning and sanitizing of the area in the Media Lab you have stayed in. 

If you wish to host an event in the Lab outside our opening hours a fee may be applied due to extra staffing from the Media Cluster organization. Some types of events may also require significant logistics, staffing and organizing. In these cases you need to be prepared to cover any additional expenses the event may cause. 



The Media Lab has a Showroom where the latest cluster innovations can be showcased. The lab is also a vital part of what we present to both our national and international visitors and partners. The Media Lab showroom that can be rigged for up to 100 people, depending on type of happening. We use this space for seminars, tech-talks, breakfast meeting, courses and different kinds of Show&Tells. You can host your events here in collaboration with the Media Cluster organization/Media Lab staff. 

Send an email to if you or your team want to showcase your latest products/innovations in our showroom.

Workshop Station

The Workshop stations in the Media Lab comes fully equipped with all you need for you and your team to run a great workshop. The lab is especially equipped for workshops, and as a member/partner you are welcome with your team or collaborating partners to work in a well-organized environment, fully facilitated for creativity and innovation.

Work groups consisting of tables and desks of varying sizes, from four to ten seats, that can be rented free of charge by our members. They are all located in open landscape with a comfortable and creative atmosphere. The area is ideal for workshops or courses, and we will of course be of assistance if you require technical help to get started. 

The Media Lab's technology platforms and equipment are also at your disposal. It is important to note that our workshop areas in the lab is an open office space, that you will share with others. Hence, the lab is a great place to connect with others, and learn what other Media Cluster members are working on. Maybe you will find your next partner or project here? 

If you want to make sure there is room in the workshop, you can book in advance by sending an email to