Future Week 21

Save the dates 27. September - 1. October for a week of inspiring events in Bergen, Oslo, and Stavanger!


Future Week is a tech festival consisting of a number of research seminars, conferences, workshops, breakfast ­meetings, popup talks, entertainment, demos, presentations, debates, talks, and discussions - the majority of which is free and open for all to attend! More events are to be announced.



Media City Bergen

The Norwegian Media Cluster.

NCE Media

The Norwegian Media Cluster is certified as a National Center of Expertise in Media.

TV 2

Norway’s largest commercial broadcaster and an innovation center in media technology.


Norway’s public service broadcaster. Innovator of new broadcast formats, such as “slow TV”.


A global family of digital consumer brands leading the way across media, online marketplaces and technology ventures.

The University of Bergen

UiB is an internationally recognized research university.


Global market leader in Broadcast Graphics, live production and automation tools, and media workflow solutions.

Mediebedriftenes Landsforening

A membership organization for the media industry in Norway, counting 324 members.

Fonn Group

Invests in companies delivering production and journalistic tools for the media and entertainment industry.


A non-profit organization and independent editorial staff with the purpose of fact-checking the Norwegian public and societal debate.


A successful start-up company, providing Javascript data visualization tools, with great international success.


For more than a century IBM has been dedicated to every client's success and to creating innovations that matter for the world.

Dagens Næringsliv

Dagens Næringsliv is Norway`s leading supplier of journalism and content about journalism, business, and society.

Bergens Tidende

The largest regional newspaper in Norway, both on paper and digitally. Owner of several local and niche publications.

Stavanger Aftenblad

A daily newspaper based in Stavanger, Norway, and owned by Schibsted Media Group.


Fædrelandsvennen (also known as Fevennen) is a daily, regional newspaper based in Kristiansand in Vest-Agder, and is now part of the national media group Polaris Media.


Research Centre for Responsible Media Technology and Innovation.


Supplier for the media industry in video, broadcast, and post-production.


Offers DiNA - A tool for story centric workflows.


Offers Mimir – a solution for smart media management.


Helps video creators, regulators, and distributors manage compliance checks faster than ever before.


Provide real-time analytics of what content is consumed, who is publishing it, and where it is being shared.


Automating detection of fake news with cutting-edge AI and NLP.

Universitetet i Stavanger

The University of Stavanger, on the South West Coast of Norway, has 12,000 students and 1,600 faculty, administration and service staff.

Scary Weather

From facts to feature.


An industry-leading branding and virtual production company that prides itself in creating powerful identities.


Creative and playful event company with a high focus on technical development in live events, and audience and participator experiences.


Nagelld's business is at the core communication, perspective - and to help their customers stand out and excel in their industries.


Rainfall is a high level IT consultancy company who delivers consultants and projects as a service.


VIS contributes to solve societal challenges efficiently, making sure that knowledge and ideas quickly benefits the society at large.

Trippel-M Connected Venues

Allows event participants at different locations to participate in the same event.

Vimond Media Solutions

Develops and markets tools for the new world of TV.


Their mission is to make it easy for anyone to create and publish stunning visualizations to tell compelling stories.


A consultancy firm, specialized towards the media business, and other companies that needs guidance through digitalization processes.


A solution for crowdsourcing news/sports content. They specialize in advanced streaming technologies for Sports, News, and Entertainment.


Spello develops software solutions for learning and dissemination in Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR / VR).

Capgemini Idean

Idean has a long track record of designing digital products and services that people love.


The VRT is the national public-service broadcaster for the Flemish Community of Belgium.


Startup Driven Innovation in European Media.


Supporting European deep-tech innovators in building media solutions of tomorrow.


The Norwegian nationwide tabloid newspaper, Verdens Gang, is the most read online newspaper in Norway, with about 2 million daily readers.


Helps organizations navigate and succeed with technological challenges and business-critical sustainable change.


SINTEF is a Norwegian research institute, organized as an independent non-profit foundation.


Signicat is the leading provider of digital identity solutions in Europe.

City of Bergen

The second-largest city in Norway.


Their supplier data exchange ensures you have the right technical information wherever and whenever you need it, no matter what system you use.

Bergen Næringsråd

Bergen Chamber of Commerce and Industry is a party-politically independent member organization for the business community in the Bergen region.

Norwegian Cognitive Center

Acceleration of AI - through the power of collaboration.


With their ad-insertion platform Serverside.ai they help broadcasters, operators and publishers to drive viewer engagement and surge content monetization.


Metadata aggregation, AI/ML enrichments, search & recommendation APIs, CMS, and promotion engine: Utelly brings the best content discovery toolkit for TV & OTT Clients


Let you scout and monitor trends, and give you access to a wealth of strategic information about changes in your market and beyond.


The decentralized knowledge network fighting misinformation.


Your access to AI solutions for analysis and processing of audio-visual content.


DeepVA is a visual data mining platform that provides everything you need to use AI in the most simple and effective way.


Offer all the benefits of personal data with none of the associated hassles, so you can focus on creating a more tailored experience for your customers and enrich your recommendation engines, scoring system, or perform eligibility checks.


Smartocto is a smart editorial analytics system built with, and designed for, newsrooms, storytellers, and content creators.


Creating the next category of personal AI audio devices.


A distributed open-source software for the digital photography market.


Builds and licenses video tech to enable a mobile-first, touch-based video experience for app developers around the world.


Allows podcast producers to measure and optimize the visibility of their content to boost their audience thanks to its Podcast Visibility Analytics solution.


A software company dedicated to building platform infrastructure that need to perform under extreme peak load.


Moneyless paywall combined with new ad format.


An AI-powered content intelligence platform providing insights from the audience.


The most powerful tool on the market for news and information monitoring.

Wanted TV

Helps video streaming consumers to find the most relevant content.


An AI platform generating insights from video by analyzing video using AI.


A video API platform that makes it easy for developers to build and monetize video experiences into web and mobile applications.


Voi gives you shared electric scooters for the big adventures or for the last few hundred meters.


One of Norway’s leading real estate companies.