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Save the date: 9 June 2022, 09.00-16.00

In June 2022, it's time to yet again get a tech update from some of the brightest minds in the industry, brought to you by NCE Finance Innovation, NCE Media, and Sparebanken Vest. Join us to learn how to position yourself and your business for the future, with keynotes from a stellar line-up of the world’s expertise on innovation and the future of technology.



Tendayi Viki

Corporate Innovation Expert, Tendayi Viki, will help to understand how companies can innovate like startups, without having to act like startups.

Benedict Evans

Feeling up to speed on Crypto, AR, VR, the metaverse, privacy, and the “great cookie apocalypse”, regulations, autonomous vehicles, and Chinese super apps?

Sofie Hvitved

How will we communicate and interact in 2030? It might look quite different from today, and according to Sofie Hvitved, knowledge about the “metaverse” is a must.

Tim Harford

Think all economists are dull and uninspiring? Think again! Being an economist, a journalist, and a broadcaster, Tim knows how to captivate an audience and tell great stories.

Agnes Stenbom

Combining her love of journalism with her passion for technology, Agnes Stenbom is dedicated to finding new ways to leverage the best of both worlds.

Torgeir Waterhouse

Accomplished speaker on topics related to digitization, artificial intelligence, the internet, and security.

Angela Mills Wade

The Executive Director of the European Publishers Council (EPC).

Petra Wikström

Wikström has extensive experience in working with EU policy for several Nordic media companies.

Per Thorsheim

Claims to know your next password.

Gry Haugsbakken

Haugsbakken has been involved in politics all her life and is now State Secretary in the Ministry of Culture and Gender Equality.