Published 24.05.2022
Check out the stellar program of mcb tech .22

09:00-09:30 - Registration at Scandic Ørnen 

09:30-09:35 - Welcome by Siri Lill Mannes

09:35-10:00 - Three Steps to the Future, by Benedict Evans

10:00-10:30 - Europe’s Big Tech crackdown: A Revolution to Rein in the Kings of Big Tech, with Angela Mills Wade, Petra Wikström, Gry Haugsbakken

10:30-10:45 - Pause

10:45-10:50 - Let us amaze you

10:50-11:20 - Cyber Wakeup Call: How Can We Prepare for the Future?, with Torgeir Waterhouse, Per Thorsheim

11:20-12:00 - The Metaverse and the future of the media landscape, by Sofie Hvitved

12:00-12:55 - Lunch

12:55-13:00 - Let us amaze you

13:00-13:15 - Green Code 2022, by Anders Norås

13:15-14:00 - Can disruption make us more creative?, by Tim Harford

14:00-14:20 - Responsible AI: A product management essential, by Agnes Stenbom

14:20-14:35 - Pause

14:35-14:40 - Let us amaze you

14:40-15:20 - From Innovation Theatre To Invincible Company, by Tendayi Viki

15:20-15:40 - Looking into the Crystal Ball, with Tendayi Viki, Agnes Stenbom, Sofie Hvitved, Ben Evans, Tim Harford

15:40-15:45 - Let us amaze you

15:45-15:50 - Closing


From Innovation Theatre To Invincible Company 
Tendayi Viki  

How do you manage a balanced innovation portfolio? How do you design the right innovation programs to create value? How do you create the right culture that enables innovation?  Together with Tendayi Viki learn three ways you can make innovation predictable by creating a repeatable innovation ecosystem within your company.  



The Metaverse and the future of the media landscape 
Sofie Hvitved

Ten years from now, will we live a large part of our lives in the virtual world? What is the Metaverse exactly? How will web3 affect the media industry regarding the new virtual ownership with NFT’s and DAO’s that might be changing the relationship between the users and the producers? Is the new creator economy on the rise? What are the long-term perspectives? And not least: How should your company react? Join Sofie Hvitved, Senior Advisor and Head of Media at the Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies, for a rundown on some of the newest trends affecting the future of how we live, work, interact, transact and consume media. 


Can disruption make us more creative?
Tim Harford

Using the latest research, and examples from music to commuting to innovation, Tim Harford explores the power of obstacles to produce creative solutions - and our instinctive resistance to what can be a painful process. 


Responsible AI: A product management essential
Agnes Stenbom

There has been much talk about the ethical risks of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in recent years, with tech companies and regulators alike assessing the downsides of the new technological opportunities. But what does it all mean in practice? In her talk at mcb tech, Schibsted's Agnes Stenbom will explain why "responsible AI" is not an end goal, but an essential part of creating AI-powered products and services that users trust, enjoy and find worth paying for – today and in the future. 


Green Code 2022
Anders Norås

Green computing is always about energy-efficient servers, hardware without hazardous materials, and other things that appeal to hardware buffs. Cloud computing is great, but what else can us programmers do to help the environment?
Back in 20109, Anders showed us how to be eco-friendly through writing better code and smarter business logic in his lightning talk Green Code. More than ten years late, in the decade where the world needs to deliver on the UN Sustainability Goals, Anders revisits his 2009 presentation to explore how we programmers can contribute to eco-friendliness by writing better code and designing better software.


Europe’s Big Tech crackdown:  A Revolution to Rein in the Kings of Big Tech
Angela Mills Wade, Petra Wikström, Gry Haugsbakken

Europes Digital Markets Act and Digital Services Act take a hammer at Big Tech as it targets the most powerful intermediating platform (aka gatekeepers) with an ex ante, pro-competition regime. Have BigTechs amplified disinformation and extremism with no accountability? Well, the EU believes so and is poised to do something about it with the DMA and DSA.


Cyber Wakeup Call: How Can We Prepare for the Future?
Torgeir Waterhouse, Per Thorsheim

Cyber adversaries plan their attacks with both a short and a long view. And while it is difficult to see the future with crystal ball precision or even predict it, we can at least prepare for the future and work to mitigate potential threats.
There are many steps organizations can take to avoid making news headlines for all the wrong reasons. So even though there are many challenges we face, but one thing is for sure: the importance of forward-thinking cybersecurity will be a priority for years to come.


Looking into the Crystal Ball
Tendayi Viki, Agnes Stenbom, Sofie Hvitved, Ben Evans, Tim Harford

A panel of future-focused speakers, experts on their turf, gives us insight into what they anticipate in the future of business.

Let us amaze you
TBA on stage

Staying true to the previous mcb tech conferences, we bring on-stage people with cases that will amaze you. Without giving away too much before they're actually on stage: This year, we can tempt you with a world-premiere on new technology that will revolutionize the way we think of ........ well, you'll have to come and see for yourself.