Published 03.06.2019
What is Future Week?

Future Week is a festival dedicated to the media and media technology industry. We're taking it to the next level this year with three focused days for specific groups. Whether you are interested in journalism, or technology, or need to position yourself and your business for the future, Future Week has something to offer you. All days focus on topics that challenge our common future as technology drive and shape it.

Step into the future of journalism on 6 June! This day is dedicated to journalists and media professionals looking to expand their knowledge by taking a deep dive into key topics in the field. Join us as we explore the latest trends and advancements and hear from top journalists and industry experts.

7 June is dedicated to media technology professionals. If you're a developer, designer, product manager, or work within media technology, this is the day for you. With engaging presentations and discussions, you'll have the opportunity to get an overview of the latest trends and developments in media tech and explore new opportunities for growth and innovation.

Are you equipped with a future-forward mindset to thrive in the constantly evolving tech environment?

The week will be rounded off with mcb tech .23, the future-focused conference for tomorrow's leaders. This is a must-attend event for all executives across industries. As the industry shifts towards new and innovative technologies, staying on top of the trends and adapting your business strategies is crucial. 

At mcb tech .23, you'll gain valuable insights and inspiration from experts on capitalising on new opportunities, overcoming challenges and adopting a digital mindset for long-term success. With a lineup of renowned keynote speakers and engaging discussions, this conference will leave you with a refreshed perspective and a roadmap for future business growth.

Join us for Future Week and be part of shaping the future of media and media technology!

Strong joint effort
The topics of the events are within the Media Cluster’s disciplines. They are organised by Media City Bergen in collaboration with our cluster members and partners from different industries and other future-oriented environments.

Who should join?
Everyone! Future Week is an event for journalists, designers, developers, executives, students, and scientists. You are encouraged to join if you are just future and tech curious. This week, domestic and international visitors are warmly welcomed to the Media Cluster’s headquarters, Media City Bergen.