Innovation in the newsroom (Norwegian)

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This is the only event that will be in Norwegian during Future Week.


6. June.

Time: 09:00 - 16:00


Join us as we explore the latest trends and advancements in journalism and hear from top journalists and experts. This day is the perfect opportunity for journalists to stay up-to-date with the latest news, trends, and development by learning from industry experts.


This is the only day of Future Week that will be partly in Norwegian, as reflected in the program below.


08:30-09:00 - Registration and coffee

09:00-09:30 - Opening in the atrium


How TikTok Spied On Me And Lost Its Credibility

Emily Baker-White, Forbes
In this talk, Emily will reveal how TikTok’s parent company, ByteDance, used the world’s most popular app to surveil her. Emily will also discuss other cases where tech companies have spied on journalists, including Hewlett Packard’s impersonation of reporters to obtain their phone records, and eBay’s egregious harassment of a blogger, which included physically stalking her and sending live cockroaches and spiders to her home. The presentation will explore why tech companies have pursued these actions — and the (often criminal) repercussions they have faced for them. 


09:30-10:00 - Registration

10:00-12:00 -  Welcome by Guro Istad in Atlantis


Generativ AI - Hvor står vi nå? (NO)

Eirik Solheim, NRK Beta


Sosiale og etiske utfordringer med språkmodeller (NO)

Samia Touileb, MediaFutures


Project Origin: Protecting Trusted Media

Judy Parnall, BBC


Generativ AI's rolle i spredning og bekjempelse av desinformasjon (NO)

Kristoffer Egeberg,


How open-source tools can empower journalists and communities by tracking environmental crimes and build accountability

Wim Zwijnenburg, PAX/Bellingcat


How Bellingcat tracks war crimes in Ukraine

     Olga Lubiv, Bellingcat 


11:45 -12:30 - Lunch

12:30-14:20 - Presentations in Atlantis


Can visual narratives influence attitudes and emotions on people?

Denis Parra Santander, Associate Professor at the Department of Computer Science, in the School of Engineering at Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile


Hvordan vi jobber med språkteknologi i Dagens Næringsliv (NO)

Martin Kermit, Head of Data Science, DN Media Group 


Using cultural insights to reach a young audience

Amy Davies, Vice President, Vice Insights Publishing


Slik produserer du ein nettserie med få ressursar aleine i ei lokalavis (NO)

Solgunn Flatebø Mandelid, Avisa Hordaland


5 things you need to know about young people and their use of media

Camille Pollie, Generation Next, VRT


Live fra sommerens sakte-TV (NO)

Thomas Hellum og Sindre Skrede, NRK


TikTok, geopolitikk og påvirkning - trender og muligheter (NO)

Marie Jareid, doktorgradsstipendiat, UiO


14:20-14:45 - Break

14:45-16:00 - Presentations in Atlantis


Slik bruker vi leserinvolvering til å skape endring i redaksjonen (NO)

Hanne Louise Åkernes og Lars Kvamme, BT


Slik endret vi oss for å vokse (NO)

Derek André Bjølgerud, TV 2


Paid newsletters: a sustainable model for local journalism?

Joshi Herrmann, The Mill


How The New York Times Uses Visual Journalism to Illuminate the Ukraine War

Josh Holder, New York Times


16:00 - End of day







Emily Baker-White

Senior writer, Forbes.
Emily Baker-White is a senior writer for Forbes, where she covers social media platforms. She was previously a senior reporter for BuzzFeed News, and before that, worked in content policy at Facebook and Spotify. Emily is also a graduate of Harvard Law School and a classically trained violist.



Derek Andrè Bjølgerud

Head of
Bjølgerud has worked at TV 2 since 2014 and has been a manager in the media industry since 2009. He has a background as a journalist and news editor. Derek has previously worked at VG, NRK, and P4 before joining TV 2.



Samia Touileb

Researcher, SFI MediaFutures.
Samia Touileb is a researcher at the MediaFutures SFI Center, Department of Information and Media Studies, at the University of Bergen. She holds a Ph.D. in language technology and has worked in the field for over ten years. Her research interests include information retrieval, sentiment analysis, biases, and fairness in machine learning models.


Judy Parnall

Head of Standards & Industry, BBC Research & Development.
Judy is a passionate advocate of all things media and its positive power for audiences. At BBC, Judy coordinates on the strategy for the influencing industry and government for media technology innovation, including the BBC’s input to standards and industry bodies across production, broadcast and other media spheres. She has worked in the BBC for a number of years in both R&D and the corporate strategy areas. Judy has sat on the EBU’s Technical Committee since 2015 and chaired it since June 2018.

Kristoffer Egeberg

Editor in Chief and CEO,
Egeberg was part of the founding project group behind, and became its first Editor in Chief. From 2002 to 2017 he was an investigative news reporter in the Norwegian national daily Dagbladet, where he also had postings as foreign correspondent in China and worked as an assistant online news editor. He is a winner of Norway’s most prestigious journalism award, Skup (2014), and the IR-prize for international reporting (2015).  



Solgunn Flatebø Mandelid

Journalist, Avisa Hordaland. 
Mandelid is a journalist at the local newspaper Hordaland in Voss, where she utilizes her bachelor's degree in film and video production from NTNU. She is the creative mastermind behind Hordaland's first online series "Full Tank," having singlehandedly developed the concept and directed every aspect of production. "Full Tank" was named the Digital Initiative of the Year at the LLA Conference. At this year's Gull Paraplyen, she was recognized for her contributions, receiving nominations for Best Video and Young Talent of the Year. 



Eirik Solheim

Strategic Advisor and Journalist, NRKbeta. 
Solheim is a senior strategic advisor in the development department of the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK). He leads projects involving internet services, interactive TV, social media and broadband strategies. His experience includes years of work as a consultant within the media and entertainment industry for Accenture and experience within digital production as a sound designer, editor, steadicam operator and photographer. He is the editor of NRK’s technology web site


Hanne Louise Åkernes

Leader of Bord4 and New Digital Formats, BT. 
Åkernes has a strong passion for involving readers in the process of shaping journalism. During her time at BT, she has initiated several projects that engaged primary and secondary school students, women under 40, and parents in Bergen. By actively listening to readers, she believes that journalists can uncover blind spots and produce more relevant content. With her teams, Hanne has collected thousands of inputs from Westerners, who have played an essential role in shaping journalism.


Lars Kvamme

Head of Culture and Urban Life, Bergens Tidende. 
Lars Kvamme serves as the Head of Culture and Urban Life Department at Bergens Tidende. Prior to this, he led BT's investment in target audience-oriented journalism, specifically tailored to the people of Bergen. With a background in economics, Lars spent several years working as a business journalist before joining BT. He was previously associated with the shipping department at DNB.



Denis Parra Santander

Associate Professor, Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile
Denis Parra is principal researcher at the excellence research centers CENIA (National Center for Research in Artificial Intelligence in Chile), iHealth, and adjunct researcher at the IMFD (Millennium Institute for Research on Data Fundamentals). Prof. Parra research interests span Recommender Systems, Intelligent  User Interfaces, Applications of Machine Learning (Healthcare, Creative AI) and Information Visualization. 



Wim Zwijnenburg

Wim Zwijnenburg works for PAX, a Dutch peace-organisation and is a long-time contributor to the open-source resource collective Bellingcat, specializing in tracking environmental impacts of armed conflict and emerging military technologies through the use of innovative methodologies. He received the UNEP/UNOCHA Green Star Award for his work on environmental emergencies and writes environmental OSINT guides for journalists and activists to track anthropocentric origins of eco-system damages.


Camille Pollie

Generation Next, VRT
Over the past ten years Camille Pollie gained experience in content creation as a host, producer and director of different radio shows, editor and researcher for tv programmes. And finally, she ended up running a talent hub for young creatives at VRT for 6 years. Giving them opportunities to grow and create (mostly digital) content within the Flandrian public broadcaster. Since 2022 she’s working as an advisor on content and distribution towards a young audience for several teams within VRT. 


Marie Jareid

PhD Candidate, University of Oslo
Marie Jareid is a PhD candidate in Sociology at the University of Oslo. Her research focuses on political influence on social media, with a specific emphasis on TikTok. Prior to her doctoral studies, she worked at the Police Directorate and holds a master's degree in Political Science from the University of Oslo. Additionally, she has studied at the Police Academy in the Netherlands.


Josh Holder

Visual Editor, The New York Times. 
Based in London, Josh covers Europe using a mix of data-driven reporting and visual storytelling techniques. For the past year, he has primarily reported on the war in Ukraine, producing visually led stories and graphics that explain the latest developments and give context to the headlines. Before joining The New York Times, he was a Visual Projects Editor at The Guardian.


Martin Kermit

Head of Data Science, DN Media Group
Martin Kermit has implemented various products and solutions based on machine learning and language technology for Dagens Næringsliv. Kermit has a PhD in machine learning and more than 20 years of experience in the use of AI and data science in various sectors. His main interests are to contribute to organizations becoming more data-driven and how machine learning and data analysis technologies can be implemented successfully, both practically, technically and from a business perspective.


Amy Davies

Vice President, Insights & Publishing, VICE Media Group
In her role at VICE, Amy works alongside clients and internal teams to arm them with VICE’s proprietary data sources and research expertise, build cultural relevance and decode consumer behaviour. As a champion of VICE Insights, Amy promotes and executes a range of work, including the VICE Guide to Culture. Prior to VICE, Davies was Associate Director of the CFC Media Lab, an award-winning institute for interactive storytelling, media think-tank and entertainment technology accelerator.


Joshi Herrmann

Founder, The Mill
Joshi is a British journalist who has reported for The Times, The Telegraph and The Guardian, and has twice been Highly Commended at the British Press Awards. He is the founder of The Mill, an local news startup which publishes long form stories in Manchester. The model, which is based on paid subscriptions and delivered via email newsletters, has now spread to two more cities in England: Sheffield and Liverpool. He is @joshi on Twitter.


Olga Lubiv

Investigator of the Justice & Accountability Unit, Bellingcat
Olga is an open source investigator with a background in law. She has worked as a freelance researcher for two years before joining Bellingcat. Before that she worked as a tax and legal adviser at one of the 'Big four' audit companies. Currently Olga is an investigator of the Justice & Accountability Unit at Belligcat, which conducts in-depth investigations into potential atrocity crimes that happened as a result of the full scale invasion of Russia into Ukraine since 24 February 2022.



Guro Istad

General Manager, Pressens Hus.
Guro Istad has over 25 years behind her as a journalist and media manager, from BT, VG and BA and more. Among other things, Istad has also worked as a project manager for Oslo Media House and was an editor at the advertising agency Publicis Kitchen, with a wide range of clients in everything from foster care, finance and tech/telecom.
Photo: Anita Arntzen.


Atlantis, MCB Auditorium
Lars Hilles gate 30
5008 Bergen

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