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7. June.

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TRANSFORMED Workshop - June 7, 2023 - Bergen


What is the purpose of this workshop?

We wrote INSPIRED in order to share the best practices and techniques used by the best product teams.

Then we wrote EMPOWERED in order to share the best practices and techniques used by the best product leaders in order to provide their product teams the environment they need to thrive.

What we learned is that there are some companies, mostly those that were created in the Internet era, that were born out of this new model of technology-powered product companies, and the way of working we describe is quite natural.

However, for the vast majority of companies in the world, the ways of working we describe are very foreign.  

Most of these companies know they need to transform in order to compete in an era of rapidly changing enabling technology, but they have found that the degree of change necessary is far more disruptive than they expected, and anything but easy.

It’s no secret that the overwhelming majority of companies globally that have attempted to transform have failed.  And rarely for lack of funding.

One CEO described the experience of transforming as “changing from driving on the left side of the road to the right - but gradually.”

Yet some companies do manage to transform, and their customers, employees and their shareholders have benefited dramatically from their new abilities.

The purpose of this workshop is to share what we have learned over the past twenty years of helping companies transform.

Who is this workshop for?

This workshop is for the leaders out there that are trying to help their companies transform: CEO’s, Chief Digital Officers and Chief Transformation Officers, heads of product (CPO) and heads of technology (CTO), and other key change agents trying to help their company through the necessary changes.

What are the major topics that will be covered?

The purpose of the workshop is to provide a comprehensive look at what’s involved in a successful transformation.  This means understanding the new competencies that are required, and the critical principles that you’ll need to get right, tackling the difficult objections, and addressing problems.  

Here are the major specific questions we’ll be covering:

  • what does it really mean to transform?
  • what can a company do once they’ve transformed that they couldn’t do before?
  • what are the new core competencies that the product model depends on?
  • what are the set of product first principles that you need to get right?
  • what are the common objections from each key stakeholder, and how to address?
  • what are the tools and techniques for adopting and managing the required changes?
  • what are the common problems encountered when moving to this model?

Will we learn about real examples of successful transformations?

The workshop will present the details of three successful transformations, all from large, established enterprise companies, as well as examples of what transformed companies have been able to do once they’ve built these new skills.

This workshop is about helping companies develop new muscles.  So every example will be from companies that needed to transform in order to consistently innovate.  And some of these examples of what these companies have been able to do with their new skills will amaze you.

What is the role of coaching?

How do you lead your organization through major change if you haven’t already been there and done that yourself?

One of the big realizations for us is that a serious challenge for many - if not most - companies trying to transform is that their leaders have never experienced the product model before.

One way to address this is to try to recruit some experienced product leaders to join your leadership team.  And we do encourage that.  But even then, it’s very difficult for those new leaders to have the necessary bandwidth to coach and develop a large organization.

Hence the need for more product coaches to help these companies learn the new ways of working.

We’ll also be profiling a number of product coaches, so that companies trying to transform can get a better sense of what to look for in a product coach.

Who will be leading this workshop?

For the past twenty years, SVPG has been helping companies around the globe to understand the product model, and develop the necessary skills and competencies to survive and thrive in markets where the enabling technology and customer expectations are changing rapidly.

This workshop will be lead personally by Marty Cagan, the founder of the Silicon Valley Product Group, and the primary author of INSPIRED, EMPOWERED and the upcoming TRANSFORMED.


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