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Published 01.01.2020


You recently saw Shoshanna Zuboff in the Netflix docudrama; “The Social Dilemma”, and were probably as shocked as the rest of us. Do you still sleep with one eye open?

Zuboff is a powerful global voice against tech giants such as Google, Facebook, and Amazon, and their use of our personal information. Needless to say, this is one of the scariest developments in the digital age and one with catastrophic consequences. We are being manipulated.

In her most recent book, “The Age of Surveillance Capitalism: The Fight for a Human Future at the New Frontier of Power” (2018), Zuboff describes a world in which we, as users of these platforms, are neither customers, employees, nor products. Instead, we are hugely exploited, as tech giants commodify our personal data for profits.

Zuboff is the Charles Edward Wilson Professor Emerita at Harvard Business School, a bestselling author, social psychologist, and philosopher who is a thought-leader in technology and capitalism.



Known for his unrelenting commitment to uncovering the truth and taking on politicians from both sides of the aisle, Jake Tapper is an influential and award-winning American journalist. He has worked closely with American politics for several years, representing a clear voice in the discussion of future journalism.

Tapper is the Chief Washington Correspondent for CNN and anchor of the two-hour weekday program "The Lead with Jake Tapper" and the Sunday morning show "State of the Union". As a widely-respected reporter with strong political expertise, Tapper played an essential role in covering the 2020 U.S. Presidential Election.

Tapper has received several awards for his work and has been called "a staunch defender of facts in the Trump era" by The New York Times. He is recognized for being a fair and balanced commentator and critic whose unbiased reporting makes him an equal opportunity skeptic, confronting Democratic politicians just as strongly as he would Republicans.

Tapper has also authored five books, including The Outpost (2013), which debuted in the top 10 on The New York Times bestseller list, and The Devil May Dance, due to release in May 2021.



Brett King is a thought leader within disruption and innovation, a world-renowned futurist, and bestselling author - known for his outlook on the future of business and how technology is disrupting business, changing behavior, and influencing society and society.

King is the CEO and Founder of Moven, a $200m mobile bank start-up, with the world’s first smart bank account. He has previously advised the Obama administration on Fintech policy and the Future of Banking and advises regulators and bank CEOs around the world on technology transformation.

His coming book for the post-Coronavirus world, The Rise of Technosocialism is due out early 2021 and looks to answer both how our children will live with AI and climate disruption, along with which economies will likely emerge victorious in an always-on, smart world.

He has previously authored famous books like international bestseller Augmented: Life in the Smart Lane and Bank 4.0.



Maria Amelie

Maria Amelie loves to disrupt narratives, she is a nerd about entrepreneurship and will someday sail to Antarctica to hang out with penguins. On a more serious note, Amelie is a sought-after public speaker and the co-founder of Factiverse and Startup Migrants; a tech startup working to fuel the economic growth in Europe with migrant founders. She is also an award-winning author, having written five books on freedom of speech, immigration, and entrepreneurship. Her first book, detailing her life as a refugee, went as far as contributing to change the immigration laws in Norway.


Factiverse automates the detection of misinformation with cutting-edge AI and NLP, making credibility checking in newsrooms effective, easy, and simple! By simply installing their browser plugin journalists and editors can conveniently fact-check the news and automatically identify fact-check worthy claims for any online information.

Their patented solution is backed with 15 years of research by their founder and CEO; Vinay Setty, and helps prevent further spread of misinformation.



Nicolai Møller

Nicolai leads the User Experience in Bulder Bank and has a strong vision of building a financial super app to make users be one step ahead - all the time. Nicolai has a Master of Information Science from Aarhus University. He loves to be in that tight squeeze between user demands and business goals where it’s possible to create new and exciting products.

Bulder Bank

Bulder Bank is a new banking app that aims to provide financial services in a smarter, inexpensive, and more innovative way. They are going “all in'' on mobile - and mobile-only - but in return, they promise to do this better than anyone else in the market. Their current value proposition includes automatic interest reduction on your mortgage, subscription management, and a smart overview of your finances and spending.



Miguel Silva

Miguel Silva is the Founder and CEO of Visualyst. He has worked in the media and broadcast industries over many years, including Vimond Media Solutions and the Schibsted Own startup Rubberduck Media Lab. Miguel has a Master of Arts, International Relations, from Boston University.


Visualyst is redefining what video compliance workflows should look like. Their tool helps publishers get more movies and series cleared for distribution to consumers faster using artificial intelligence and machine learning. The easy-to-use tool revolutionizes the process of compliance by automating complex compliance review tasks and enables team collaboration and sign-off; making for faster and more accurate compliance checks.



Emma Tryti

Emma is the CEO of Kron and has a long track record in the fintech industry. Prior to joining the Kron team, Emma was CCO for eCommerce and Invoice at Vipps. Emma holds a Master of Economics from the University of Western Australia. She’s a problem-solver who loves simplifying everything from value chains and business models to technical solutions and customer experiences. 


The best and most sustainable investments have traditionally been inaccessible and too complex for most people. Kron´s mission is to make sustainable investments available to everyone. Their solution is built on financial expertise and smart technology, combined in a user-friendly app. Kron is one of the fastest-growing industry players in Norway and recently launched a pension scheme, available to 1.5 million Norwegians, with a special offer to 200,000 members in the organization Akademikerne Pluss. This has resulted in an exponential growth in new customers and assets under management. With the speed of a startup and the professionalism of a financial institution, Kron offers the best of investment and savings at the lowest possible price. 



Steinar Søreide

After working at Vizrt for 18 years, Steinar Søreide started working for Mediability and Mjoll was founded. Steinar had an idea to use existing technology to develop a tool for journalists and content producers that not only made their workflow simpler, but shortened the whole process. Soon after the seed was planted, the idea became reality and resulted in the success that is Mimir.


Mjoll facilitates the use of AI in Media Production to make everyday life for journalists and video editors more efficient. Their award-winning workflow tool; Mimir, is a cloud-based platform for automating a number of time-consuming tasks such as multi-language translation, transcription, and event tagging. It’s an easy-to-use tool for video content creators which harnesses the power of market-leading cognitive services from Amazon, Google, IBM, Microsoft, and others to automatically make your archives searchable and more valuable.



Jan Åge Skaathun

Jan Skaathun is one of two founders of the Norway-based Fintech Quantfolio which delivers data-driven advisory technology for banks and wealth managers with some of the Nordics major brands on their client list. He has a passion for technology and Co-founded his first technology company in 1999. Since then he has co-founded / helped scale technology companies such as itslearning, TicketCo, Travis, and the new startup PNGR. He is also an early-stage investor and founding member of the Tripod Capital Collective investor community. 

Martin Wik Sætre

Martin has 15 years of experience as a consultant in Accenture and his own company, where he managed large, international projects for clients as DNB, Yara, and Kværner. In Quantfolio, Martin has overall responsibility for operations and major client projects and relations. Martin has a genuine interest in understanding his customers’ needs to develop kick-ass investment advisory solutions for banks and wealth managers. In 5 years Martin believes he will be sitting on the top floor of Quantfolio Towers, waving to NCE Finance Innovation over the street in MCB.


Quantfolio is evening out the financial playing field. No longer is individual investment advice reserved for the privileged only. With Quantfolios technology banks can provide true financial advice for ALL their clients through automated & digital journeys or by giving their advisors superpowers. By combining data, insight, and prize-winning financial theory they provide clients with individual and sustainable savings portfolios and protect them over time. 



Pinar Heggernes

Pinar Heggernes is the head of Department of Informatics at theUniversity of Bergen (UIB) and Professor of algorithms. She has extensive experience as a researcher and educator, as a leader of several externally funded projects, and as a member of program boards and editorial committees of international scientific conferences and journals. She is active in the national research and education policy arena, as a board member of the Research Council of Norway and chair of the board of NORA – Norwegian Artificial Intelligence Research Consortium.


Dyveke Buanes

Since 2017, Buanes has been a Chief editor at NRK Vestland, the west coast regional office of the Norwegian public broadcaster. She has worked in the Norwegian media industry since 1999 and worked at TV 2 Norway's news channel from 2008 until 2017. Dyveke studied journalism at Volda University College and Political Science and French language at the University of Bergen.



Henrik Lie-Nielsen

Henrik Lie-Nielsen is a serial entrepreneur and investor. He co-founded the Norwegian Fintech Cluster, NCE Finance Innovation, one of the organizers of mcb tech .21 – and serves as a Board Member of the fintech cluster. Henrik also co-founded the IT- and internet professional services firm Reaktor in 1995, when he was 18-years old, making him one of the internet pioneers of the Norwegian West Coast. The company was sold to Swedish public company Knowit AB in 2010, but later on Henrik bought it back and renamed it Stacc

Henrik is passionate about the internet and is one of Scandinavia’s foremost experts on the use of web- and mobile technology within banking and financial services. With over 20 years of experience in the internet business world as an entrepreneur, consultant, and advisor, Henrik is often used by investors, managers, and boards as a speaker, strategic advisor, trend analyst, and business development facilitator. Lately, Henrik has, through his private investment company been the driving force behind the founding and development of the nationwide bookkeeping company Bookkeeper, where he also serves as chairman of the board. Henrik is also involved in mentoring entrepreneurs and startups and has invested in and serves on the board of several Norwegian and Scandinavian startups.


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