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The Media Cluster in Bergen is a cradle of innovation and a global knowledge hub within media technology. Learn how 100 companies and institutions empower stories.


Media City Bergen to expo at IBC in Amsterdam

For the very first time, Media City Bergen will have its own pavilion at the upcoming IBC show in Amsterdam with key companies in The Norwegian Media Cluster. Deputy Mayor, City of Bergen, Julie Andersland, will conduct the official opening.

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UTLYSNING: Konkurranse for anbefaling av prosjekter til Innovasjon Norge

Send inn din prosjektskisse og få den spesielt anbefalt av NCE Media, i konkurranse om prosjektmidler til forprosjekter og prototyping. Den tidligere Innovasjonsrammen er erstattet av en ordning (med samme navn) hvor NCE Medias panel kan anbefale prosjekter i konkurranse til INs utlysning 15. september.

– Don't get Lost in Fluff

The message from Professor Richard Rumelt was clear. In front of a packed house, the renowned strategy thought leader, business professor and author gave a powerful conference keynote talk at the inaugural mcb tech .18 conference.

The name is PATRIOT!

Watson has its finger on the pulse of Bergen. 7 Fjell brewery used the results from the IBM Watson analysis of the Bergen people, to create the Media Lab Artificial Intelligence Retro New England Pale Ale.

Substantial Growth within the Media Industry in Bergen

The media industry in the Bergen, Norway area consistently generates better results than the industry throughout the country. Member companies in the Norwegian Media Cluster are part of a strong and dynamic ecosystem, that grows faster, sells more, and contribute more to economic growth and value creation than the norwegian media industry as a whole.


These are the companies that started it all

All founders are now co-located under the same roof in Media City Bergen


Members in the Norwegian Media Cluster

The Norwegian Media Cluster has evolved into an exciting international environment, with more than 100 companies and a total revenue of more than USD 1 billion, and has six major universities and research facilities as members.

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