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The Media Cluster in Bergen is a cradle of innovation and a global knowledge hub within media technology. Learn how 100 companies and institutions empower stories.


A solution for kids’ transportation safety won the Media Lab hackathon

A total of 40 students and creative people attended the two-day hackathon where the goal was to create new and innovative solutions for the future of sustainable mobility.


Sparks fly: Media students meet industry

- We want young people, and we want your opinions! Liv Skotheim, Opinion Editor at Bergens Tidende could not be clearer. She was one of many media professionals who came to meet students at the Media Festival co-organized by Metis, Bergen Private Gymnas (BPG) and NCE Media. (Photo: Tonje Li)

Record attendance for the SVG Nordic Summit 2019 in Media City Bergen

"The SVG Nordic Summit is a fantastic opportunity for media professionals in the region to gather, connect and learn from each other in a way that has not been possible in the past,” says Anne Jacobsen, CEO of NCE Media.

- You need to listen to your audience

- If you don’t know who these influencers are, and who the popular youtubers are, you need to educate yourself. Otherwise you will not stay on top, and you will not succeed in connecting with the youth audience.

Roy Tore Lysen Jensen joins the NCE Media team

NCE Media is excited to welcome Roy Tore Lysen Jensen as our new Project Manager.


These are the companies that started it all

All founders are now co-located under the same roof in Media City Bergen


Members in the Norwegian Media Cluster

The Norwegian Media Cluster has evolved into an exciting international environment, with more than 100 companies and a total revenue of more than USD 1 billion, and has six major universities and research facilities as members.

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