Published 13.09.2014
The Norwegian Media Cluster is an unique collaboration of world leading technology industry, national broadcasters, regional newspapers, academia and forward-leaning mediatech companies and entrepreneurs – mostly located in Bergen, Norway. We are currently representing 100 members.

Who we are

Anne Jacobsen,, +47 41 41 33 41

Project manager
Rune Smistad,, +47 90 09 37 39

Event Coordinator
Petter Omdal,, +47 97 15 47 80

Content Developer
Morten Dahle,, +47 99 45 79 67

Board Director 
Haavard Myklebust (Mediability),, +47 91 84 56 02

NCE Media´s board of directors meet 8-10 times a year and counts eight members that represent the 80 businesses and organizations that are members of the media cluster. The chairman is Haavard Myklebust, a former journalist at BA (newspaper) and TV 2, and former Vice President at Vizrt and CTO at TV 2. Myklebust is the founder and CEO of Mykleboost AS, and is currently the Group CEO at Mediability.

The board of directors

  • Chairman: Håvard Myklebust, Group CEO Mediability
  • Petter Ole Jakobsen, CTO Vizrt
  • Christopher Giertsen, Vice President Christian Michelsen Research AS
  • Leif Ove Larsen, Head of Dep. of Information Science and Media Studies, University of Bergen (UIB)
  • Sturle Rasmussen, General manager BetaVest
  • Eirik Solheim, Editor NRKbeta
  • Kine Lunde, Director Account Management, Vimond
  • Board observer: Anne Øvrebø, Senior Advisor, Innovasjon Norge


NCE Media AS
Lars Hilles gate 30
5008 Bergen