20 minutes on fighting disinformation

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Learn from the brightest minds on the fight against disinformation.


13. May.

Time: 10:00 - 10:20


13 May: Project Origin – Protecting Trusted Media
Misinformation is a growing threat to the integrity of the information eco-system. Having a provable source of origin for media, and knowing that it has not been tampered with en-route, will help to maintain confidence in news from trusted providers. This technical provenance approach, in conjunction with media education and synthetic media detection techniques will help to establish a foundation for trust in media.

Bio on Judy Parnall:
Judy is a passionate advocate of all things media and its positive power for audiences. As Head of Standards & Industry in the BBC Research & Development, Judy coordinates on the strategy for the influencing industry and government for media technology innovation, including the BBC’s input to standards and industry bodies across production, broadcast and other media spheres.

Judy has worked in the BBC for a number of years in both R&D and the corporate strategy areas. Her research interests have centre on the interaction of people with technology and services across all media and is leading work on Public Service Media in the Internet age. Judy has sat on the EBU’s Technical Committee since 2015 and chaired it since June 2018. She also sits on the Steering Board of the Coalition for Content Provenance and Authenticity.


In a time where truth is more challenged than ever, we invite you for 20 minutes, once a week, to learn from the brightest minds on the fight against disinformation.

This series of events will serve as an arena from all involved in the fight against disinformation. Ranging from journalists, fact-checkers, researchers, technology companies, to media organizations in a joint effort to address this challenge to reliable media, and threat to democracy.

Every Friday from 10:00 am to 10:20 am.



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