Augment Your Reality

The future of media starts here. Learn how world leader Vizrt, and startup Ludenso use augmented reality (AR) to boost creativity and visualize stories to engage the audiences. Also, have a first look at the AR graphics from TV 2 for the upcoming election.


11. June.

Time: 10:00 - 11:00


Vizrt provides powerful visual storytelling tools for the media industry and the world leader in real-time 3D graphics and sports analysis tool.

In an all-new AR show, recently presented at NAB, Las Vegas, Vizrt launched Viz Engine 4, giving broadcasters new capabilities for rendering photorealistic data-driven graphics blended with a physical studio. This really impressed the NAB attendees, especially the how designers have rendered a photo-realistic version of the original Ferrari GTO from the early 60s. Now, you will have your opportunity to have a glimpse into the Viz Magic. By Chris Black, Head of Content and Communications, Vizrt. 

Today, an increasing amount of engineers, architects, doctors and designers are using AR in their workplaces. As of now, the technology is however considered expensive and inaccessible, thus creating barriers for kids' opportunities to take part in one of the greatest technology revolutions of our time. To lower the barriers for kids to understand and to develop applications in AR, we think it is important to make this technology accessible at an early stage. For that reason, we have developed simple, inexpensive and user friendly tools optimized for schools. Our dream is that our AR tools will allow more schools to give the kids their first meeting with this new technology.

Get your first glimpse of the potential AR in education holds. By allowing kids to become digital producers, as opposed to digital consumers, we aim to challenge the status quo of traditional education. In the seminar you will get an introduction to how we can use AR to explore technology in new ways, how we can unleash the creative potential of students who want to create their own AR apps, and how learning with AR creates a more inclusive learning environment.

During the presentation you will also get the chance to get a live demo of the AR tools developed by the startup Ludenso!

Ingrid Skrede is the CMO of Ludenso. Together with her team, she is aiming to change how we interact and engage with technology - for the better. They do this by providing students with an Augmented Reality (AR) toolbox, allowing them to learn, explore and create in a way that seamlessly integrates the digital and the physical worlds. She holds a Masters of Science in Entrepreneurship from NTNU, and has undertaken courses at UCSB, Boston University and Babson College during her studies.

She has a passion for improving learning experiences in education. Her belief is that augmented reality has the potential of unleashing the creative potential and the interest of technology for young girls and boys worldwide.

This event is a part of the Media City Bergen Future Week on June 11-14. 
50+ events will be taking place inside the Media City Bergen building and all focused on topics that challenge our common future as it is driven an shaped by technology.

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