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Learn how to program your first Augmented Reality (AR) app in just a few hours! You will learn to make a cute dragon hatchling appear in real life, and control it through the use of physical tracker objects. The course will be held in English by Ingrid Skrede from Ludenso, and requires no previous programming experience. NB! Only 40 seats available.


12. June.

Time: 11:30 - 15:00


Augmented Reality is revolutionizing a wide variety of tech industries globally at a rapid speed, by seamlessly integrating the physical and digital worlds. If you would like to get a taste of this revolution, you are more than welcome to join Join Future Week's AR app development course. During this interactive workshop, you will be able to create and take home your very own AR dragon - with no previous programming experience required!

Important: Remember to bring your own computer and headphones!

The course gives an introduction to Unity, Vuforia and C#, and has 4 sessions:

1. Installation and set-up:
Install Unity, get the Vuforia license, and get a basic introduction to get startet in Unity.

2. AR experience:
Place your dragon to the MagiTile and learn to use the MagiDice as a controller. Add materials. Prepare C# for programming.

3. Simple programming in C#:
A few simple tasks to make the dragon move by using the MagiTools.

4. (If time: more advanced tasks and building for Android:
More advanced tasks that can be solved with no, some or lots of help. If time, there will be an introduction to how to transfer the app to Android.)

At the end of the course, the participants have built their own app (NB: everyone can build the application to their PCs/Macs, but we'll only go through how to build it to an Android Phone during the course). The app will showcase a cute dragon that can be controlled by trackers, with simple commands such as "jump", "walk", "rotate", etc.

The course will be held in English at Medielaben, at Wednesday at 11:30-15:00, and you are required to bring your own computer. There are only 40 seats available. Please feel free to send any questions you might have to [email protected].
Look forward to seing you there!

Ingrid Skrede is the CMO of Ludenso. Together with her team, she is aiming to change how we interact and engage with technology - for the better. They do this by providing developers with an Augmented Reality (AR) toolbox, allowing them to learn, explore and create in a way that seamlessly integrates the digital and the physical worlds. She holds a Masters of Science in Entrepreneurship from NTNU, and has undertaken courses at UCSB, Boston University and Babson College during her studies.

She is a technology optimist, with a passion for using AR to unleash the creative potential and technology interest of boys and girls worldwide.

This event is a part of the Media City Bergen Future Week on June 11-14.
50+ events will be taking place inside the Media City Bergen building and all focused on topics that challenge our common future as it is driven an shaped by technology.

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