International webinar: Design and ethics

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Design has established itself as a valuable competence in the public sector. But what are the implications of designers getting a seat at the table? How do we take ethics along in the process?


28. September.

Time: 14:00 - 15:30


Organized by BI Norwegian Business School

The path for designers in the public sector is a minefield of ethical questions. In this webinar we will dive into some of these questions from various perspectives – from the academic point of view as well as the practical as we will learn from policy labs in e.g. Ukraine.

As designers we shape the services (and sometimes the policy) of the government. What role has ethics in our work? How do you take values along in your work, where do they collide with all kinds of though real-world-issues and how do you cope with this? And if the system says no, can we – as civil servants – say yes?