MediaFutures Seminar: News diversity and recommendation systems

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An interdisciplinary approach: Dr. Kristin Van Damme.


11. February.

Time: 12:00 - 13:00


Organized by MediaFutures

Dr. Kristin Van Damme, a senior researcher from Artevelde University of Applied Sciences, will give a seminar on 11 February at 12:00.

Concerns about selective exposure and filter bubbles in the digital news environment have raised questions on how news recommendation systems can be more citizen-oriented so that they facilitate – rather than limit – the normative aims of journalism. In response to this question, the NewsDNA project aimed at developing an algorithm that uses news diversity as a key driver for personalized news recommendation. To do so, we combined insights from multiple research disciples: computer sciences (news recommendation systems); communication sciences (conceptualisations of news diversity); law (right to receive information) and computational linguistics (automated content extraction from text). As such, we hoped to give stakeholders – such as policymakers and news producers – a realistic view on the opportunities and pitfalls of developing a citizen-oriented news recommendation system.  


Dr. Kristin Van Damme is senior researcher in journalism at Artevelde University of Applied Sciences (Research & Development Center Communication, Media and Design) and project lead of the News Barometer project, an investigation of youth’s (12-26y) relation with news and disinformation. Additionally, she is lecturer Journalism at Communication Sciences at Ghent University. She obtained a PhD in journalism studies by studying news use in the transforming news environment.



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