MediaFutures Seminar: Visual Content Verification in the News Domain. PhD candidate Sohail Ahmed Khan

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Sohail Ahmed Khan, PhD Candidate from MediaFutures, University of Bergen, Norway will give a seminar on 25 February, at 11:00.


25. February.

Time: 11:00 - 12:00


Organized by MediaFutures

TITLE: Visual Content Verification in the News Domain
WHERE: Zoom –

Meeting ID: 660 0940 0805
Password: qHdQfj1S


The purpose of the talk is to get valuable comments and suggestions from the industrial partners about visual content verification in the news domain. I will talk about the research questions which I plan to answer during my PhD. This project is associated with Task 3.2 at MediaFutures’ WorkPackage-3 (Multimedia Content Analysis and Production) aiming to develop tools/prototypes for visual content verification. I will talk about visual content verification in the news domain while focusing on three research questions, namely 1) how the journalists and news rooms verify visual user generated content they encounter online, 2) how to effectively combat deep fake media, and 3) how to fight mis/disinformation shared online in the form of cheap fake media? Our expectations from this project are 1) advancing the state-of-the-art in automated multimedia content verification and 2) developing prototypes based on the proposed models which can be employed for multimedia content verification by the industry partners.


Sohail is a PhD candidate at MediaFutures and University of Bergen. He holds an MSc in Cybersecurity and Artificial Intelligence from the University of Sheffield, UK. Prior to joining MediaFutures, Sohail worked as a research assistant at Mohamed bin Zayed University of AI, Abu Dhabi, UAE. Before that, he worked as a remote research assistant at CYENS Centre of Excellence, Nicosia, Cyprus. His research interests intersect deep learning, computer vision and multimedia forensics. Sohail is currently associated with the MediaFutures’ Work Package 3, Media Content Analysis and Production.



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