The difference between intelligence and deep learning, 
and why crime shows lie about fingerprints

As humanity, we have hoped for a very long time that we can invent machines that make us more productive, while freeing us from undesirable labor. We have also feared that moment. A lot of this undesirable work requires intelligence, so with the rise of deep learning our hopes for freedom also skyrocketed.


27. September.

Time: 12:00 - 12:30


This talk clarifies what deep learning is and what it is not, why it works better than statistical analysis, and why deep does not mean intelligent. An interesting development in AI is what gets to be called AI and what we call automation or just computing. We look into the case of automated fingerprint identification systems and why these, when used for fighting crime,  are not and should not be built using deep learning.  
Marija Slavkovik is a Professor with the Faculty for Social Sciences of the University of Bergen. She is a computer scientist who does research in AI. She works in AI Ethics and is interested specifically in issues of machine ethics: how do we build machines (or rather how do we program them) so that they behave ethically. Marija specifically works on automating ethical collective decision-making. Marija is motivated by the phenomenon of autonomous systems increasingly becoming moral arbitrators by virtue of the dissipation of the machine-society segregation. She believes that Automation, particularly of cognition, is not always possible without automating aspects of ethical reasoning or values.
As of August 2021, Marija is the head of the Department of Information Science and Media Studies at UiB.


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