Ludenso - The Future of Textbooks

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10. December.

Time: 10:00 - 11:00


Do you wonder where the future of physical textbooks is heading? Sales of physical textbooks still represent 90% of total revenue compared to e-books. But how will this change in the rapidly evolving technological landscape, and will physical books still play a role in education in the future?
According to the award-winning EdTech Company Ludenso, the answer is yes. They have worked with one of Norway’s largest publishers, Aschehoug, to make their traditional textbooks come to life through Augmented Reality (AR), coupling it with relevant digital resources. Tune in to this 30 min webinar about the future of textbooks. It will be moderated by Jonathan Viner of Nordic EdTech News.
- Welcome and introduction, 5 min
- What AR is and why is it relevant for every publisher to consider? 10 min
- Case study: How does AR enable Aschehoug to leverage its physical and digital content? 10 min
- Q&A, 5 min
Moderator: This event will be moderated by Jonathan Viner. Jonathan is the CEO of 10Digits and publishes the most influential newsletter about the Nordic EdTech system. He has 15+ years of experience from across the education sector and is passionate about learning and entrepreneurship.
Organizer: Ludenso AS is an award-winning EdTech Company working towards enabling all children to explore, learn and create with 3D and AR. They have developed a platform to easily enrich physical and digital print with AR, in a highly scalable way. They are recognized by TechCrunch as one of the leaders in the VR/AR space and have the co-founders of Kahoot!, amongst others, as investors. CEO Eirik Wahlstrøm, CMO Ingrid Skrede and CTO Harald Manheim will be representing Ludenso at the webinar
Case company: Aschehoug was founded in 1872 and is one of the largest publishing houses in Scandinavia. They are now offering a vast physical and digital learning universe to their end customers. Aschehoug has worked closely with Ludenso over the past two years merging their physical and digital learning universes through AR. Their Editor-in-Chief for the educational division, Arne Fredrik Nilsen, will be representing Aschehoug
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