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Masters students in scriptwriting pitching ideas for TV-series

The students pitched during their internships at ITV Studios and NRK (Photo: UiB/Linnea Reitan Jensen)


BI Bergen’s new masters program is set to tackle media industry challenges

BI Bergen’s new masters program is developed in close collaboration with NCE Media and other clusters. Here, students will be equipped to lead, and manage rapid change.

- The future of news reporting is live, flawed, and authentic

When Yusuf Omar was rejected as a foreign correspondent on the basis of being too young and inexperienced, he decided to hitchhike all the way to Syria, to cover the war on his own terms. From there, he has managed to carve out his own niche as a pioneer in mobile journalism, rising to the top ranks of CNN before venturing out on his own. This week, he visited Bergen to teach local media professionals about new storytelling formats.

Fana Sparebank blazes new trails and joins the Media Cluster as a Business Associate Member

Fana Sparebank takes the business of banking into new directions. Through the application of new technology, new tools and an array of exciting solutions, the bank has released one digital innovation after another.

MovieMask launches AR headset

The people behind successful startup MovieMask have unveiled their brand new AR headset, MagiMask. The new mask turns any mobile phone into an immersive AR experience, and is set to speed up the AR revolution.


These are the companies that started it all

All founders are now co-located under the same roof in Media City Bergen


Members in the Norwegian Media Cluster

The Norwegian Media Cluster has evolved into an exciting international environment, with more than 100 companies and a total revenue of more than USD 1 billion, and has six major universities and research facilities as members.

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