Published 07.06.2018
CTO of IBM Norway, Loek Vredenberg, is coming to mcb tech .18 to talk about AI and Cognitive Technologies, and how they will change the way we work and live

AI and Cognitive Technologies and how they will change the way we work and live
By Loek Vredenberg, IBM Norway

Society is in the midst of a digitization push that the world has never seen, and we have only just started. AI and Cognitive technologies are changing the way we use machines, the way we view the world and the way we engineer new products and systems. But how will AI itself evolve in the near future and what will this mean for us?

Loek Vredenberg is the CTO of IBM Norge and works with IBMs technologies across the different business units. Loek has long experience with technical leadership roles within IBM internationally and for deliveries of complex IT solutions. Loek has in recent years focused his attention to artificial intelligence and IBMs cognitive technologies that go by the name of Watson. Also Loek is working in the area of industry platforms. Loek contributes to public debate around AI and gives lectures and key notes on this topic in many different settings.

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