EBU Academy at Media City Bergen and TV2 to learn about artificial intelligence

Published 29.03.2022
Last week, The European Broadcasting Union (EBU) was visiting Media City Bergen and TV 2 to learn more about artificial intelligence (AI) and how TV 2 approaches AI in news and sports production.

Live from TV 2’s football studio and the Media Lab, Mark Egan - Faculty Member of EBU Academy - held an e-Master Class aimed at journalists and editors with little or no detailed knowledge of AI and its impact on news. In the webinar, Egan provided the necessary theoretical framework to understand what AI is and some practical tools needed when using AI in the newsroom workflow. The goal was to help the participants to understand the reality of AI today and how it is being developed for the future. TV 2’s Are Tverberg and Kjetil Espedal were among the speakers, and Henrikke Helland shared TV 2’s experiences from the testing of AI-controlled cameras in the studio. NCE Media facilitated the visit and webinar. 

We try to spread best practice and innovation to our members, so we thought it would be a good idea to come here to the Media Cluster to see what you do, what parts of AI you focus on, how you collaborate and what the rest of us can learn from it. AI is something that is becoming part of everyone's workflow and it's something everyone has to deal with. We want to learn from your solutions and from your mindset, Mark Egan said to TV 2.

From the left: Mark Egan (EBU), Are Tverberg (TV 2) and Kjetil Espedal (TV 2). Photo: Ole Ebbesen, TV 2

Solution architect, Are Tverberg, thinks it is great that the work of TV 2 and the Media Cluster is noticed internationally. These days TV 2 News is testing the use of AI to log raw material and to translate languages. Their reporters in Ukraine are now testing an application where they can upload an interview in Ukrainian from the field, and have it translated into English in just a few minutes. This makes the editing job much easier when you do not have access to an interpreter locally.

What is different here in the Media Cluster is the way you collaborate. The idea that by working together, each of you will be even better. And the bond that exists between the University of Bergen and TV 2 is special. It's not something that happens everywhere. So this close collaboration and the «we got this»-attitude, it is something we want to share with broadcasters and media companies throughout Europe, Mark Egan said to TV 2.

Media City Bergen is proud that the Media Cluster and the work that our members do receives international attention, and that others want to learn from us.

(Source: TV2's article: https://jobb.tv2.no/blogg/ebu-academy-til-tv-2-for-a-laere-om-ai )