Published 15.05.2018
The Walking OB Van for "Monsen Minutt for Minutt": What will users expect from tomorrow´s media? How can content and experiences be best designed for interactivity and engagement?

The Walking OB Van for "Monsen Minutt for Minutt"
By Eirik Solheim, NRKBeta

Eirik Solheim is renowned for his inspiring and engaging presentations. At mcb tech .18, Solheim will show how NRK has combined skills, cutting edge tech and lots of creativity, including duct tape and Chinese gadgets, to develop unique experiences and storytelling techniques for its viewers. 

Eirik Solheim is a senior strategic advisor in the development department of the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK). He is leading projects involving internet services, interactive TV, social media and broadband strategies. His experience includes years of work as a consultant within the media and entertainment industry for Accenture and experience within digital production as a sound designer, editor, steadicam operator and photographer. He is the editor of NRK’s technology web site and he’s also an experienced and price winning blogger with the web page

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