Fana Sparebank blazes new trails and joins the Media Cluster as a Business Associate Member

Published 22.10.2018
Fana Sparebank takes the business of banking into new directions. Through the application of new technology, new tools and an array of exciting solutions, the bank has released one digital innovation after another.

– This is not about being the biggest, it is about being the fastest, says Lisbet Nærø, CEO, Fana Sparebank.

– We are a small bank, but have made a mark for ourselves both locally and nationally by doing things smarter and differently. The supreme objective is always to create the best customer experiences. That is always the most important mission.

Fana Sparebank has now joined the Norwegian Media Cluster through the Business Associate Program for companies and environments outside the typical media industry.

– Almost all conversations these days are about digital tools. They’re about the application of AR/VR, visualization and communication, and about blockchain, artificial intelligence and big data. The Media Cluster companies have expertise in these areas, and are working on projects closely related to those initiatives and challenges we, as a bank, find ourselves in the middle of, Nærø continues.

Simultaneously, Fana Sparebank has already begun applying many of these tools in their own development projects. Inside their own lab, they have installed VR equipment and a variety of testing platforms.

– We’re constantly experimenting and testing. All these technologies and tools can be used to create new solutions, but the human element is always present too as we work to deliver solutions that work for our customers, with all their different and ever-changing needs.

As an organization, Fana Sparebank places high value on digital-first, dynamic and simple processes that enable them to be highly agile in experimentation, development and delivery. Their online, mobile device-optimized real-estate service, revolutionized the customer’s approach to the complex processes of purchasing property. received national attention for the way Fana Sparebank created an not only elegant user interface, but integrated it to their own front-office and back-office processes.

– We are tremendously excited to welcome Fana Sparebank into our Business Associate Program, says Anne Jacobsen, CEO of NCE Media.

– Old boundaries between industry sectors are being erased, and the silos of industry-specific technology are largely becoming a thing of the past. The expertise of the Norwegian Media Cluster has impact and applications outside the media industry, and at the same time our member companies can learn a lot from working with Fana Sparebank.

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