What news stories drives the most engagement?

Published 01.07.2021
Web64, one of the Media Cluster Startups, gives you the full overview. Have a look at the top list for the most shared news stories so far in 2021.

At nyhetsåret.no, provided by Media Cluster Member Web64, you will find a total overview of what stories are most shared in Norway on social media. This shows what stories engage people and how news shared on social media is not necessarily related to the real news cycle. Among the top listings we find controversial websites,- especially interesting as several surveys indicate that social media is many Norwegians' primary source of news.

Web64 provides real-time overview services for trends and monitors how news stories spread throughout society. Artificial Intelligence is utilized to discover hidden connections. The core services are StoryBoard, DashBoard and DataBoard. StoryBoard gives an overview of news stories shared on social media. DashBoard provides a real-time overview of what is trending in Norway or in different industries based on data sources such as news, financial data, google analytics and social media. DataBoard is a media monitoring tool that provides a total overview of what is being published, where it is being shared and where the sharing origins. Stats and top lists on nyhetsåret.no are generated from Web64's services StoryBoard, DashBoard and DataBoard.

Web64 is accepted into both STADIEM and MediaMotorEurope - two EU-funded programs to accelerate innovation in media technology and news industry.