Gear up for Future Week in September

Published 13.05.2021
Save the dates; 27 Sept - 1 Oct 2021. We are opening up our Media City headquarters for Future Week. You are all free to attend more than 50 different events this week, and most of them are FREE and open to all. And for the first time, there will also be Future Week events in Oslo and Stavanger.

Future Week is usually arranged in June, together with the Media Cluster Tech Conference mcb tech .21. But, as we all are desperately longing for that feeling when we can meet - in person - Future Week will be pushed to late September, aiming for a full house, roof lifting, bubbling conversations, and lots of cool sessions - all about future and tech.

We will release programs and sessions in the weeks to come. We can already promise you a week sprinkled with exciting and pioneering experiences as well as valuable insight, inspiration, and - not to forget - the opportunity to network.

More than 50 events, seminars, workshops, breakfast meetings, popup talks, entertainment, research seminars, demos, presentations, lectures, keynotes, debates and discussion - all about our common future as it is driven and shaped by technology. Get a first-hand experience of what the future might look like and be part of the discussions on how YOU want to shape, form, and influence the future. Also - plenty of opportunities to get your geek on with lots of hands-on workshops. 

Here are some great memories from last Future Week.

For the first time, Future Week will also be distributed to a national concept, with events in both Oslo and Stavanger. Maybe also to other members. In MCB in Bergen, we will have an open house with events all over. As usual, member companies in MCB will open their space and host different sessions. We will also take advantage of the full capabilities of the new MCB auditorium with state-of-the-art technology, augmented reality, tracking, holograms, and more.

We aim to stream all events, both from Bergen, Oslo, Stavanger, and possibly other locations.

Last year more than 45 different media cluster companies took part in Future Week, setting up their own session.

Do you want to take part? Contact ketil(at)