Published 01.04.2020
We are proven for Cluster Excellence! The Norwegian Media Cluster is awarded the coveted European Gold Label, as we join rank with the European clusters of the highest standard.

The ECEI GOLD Label “Excel in Cluster Excellence" is awarded to cluster management organisations that demonstrate a high level of professionalism and sophisticated cluster management. In their evaluation of NCE Media the EU expert team were especially impressed by how the Media Cluster works on the international arena, and IBC in particular. They also highlight the work NCE Media has done setting up the national cognitive center:

"Some remarkable results are the incubator and accelerator services, helping the SME`s to get access to international markets, and the new AI centre (artificial intelligence), setting up a broad consortium with Norwegian and international actors, with IBM as the main content supplier/partner."

In order to qualify for the ECEI GOLD Label, cluster management organisations need to meet certain "levels of excellence" in terms of structure of the cluster, governance, financing, strategy and services and recognition. In the course of a thorough two-day on-site assessment, conducted by two neutral ESCA experts, 31 underlying quality indicators are assessed. Cluster management organisations holding a GOLD Label show their documented commitment towards a continuous improvement of their organisational structures and routines for the benefit of an even higher performance.

Large parts of november and desember were spent preparing for the assessment, which took place at the NCE Media premises in February 2020 by a team of experts from EU. In their evaluation the team emphazises and highlights some of the projects and services available to the members, but also states that the Media Cluster is well run and organized:

"NCE Media is a well matured and well driven cluster, with impressive results building up the cluster since the start."

The experts were also impressed with how well strategy processes are organized and carried out, with broad involvement from boards, advisory boards and members.

We congratulate all our fantastic Media Cluster Gold Members!