Published 27.04.2018
How can you use AI to Unlock Human Talent: Roland Becker from JUST ADD AI is coming to mcb tech .18 to tell us how AI was used to scout and analyze new players in the german Bundesliga.

How can you use AI to Unlock Human Talent
By Roland Becker, JUST ADD AI

We are thrilled to announce that Roland Becker, CEO at JUST ADD AI GmbH, is coming to mcb tech .18! Becker is a passionate and skilled engineer and entrepreneur, with a special talent for AI and deep learning.

Becker had the somewhat crazy idea that the German Bundesliga, one of the most competitive leagues in the world, could benefit from using AI both to find and analyze new players – to find the best talents. On day one of mcb tech .18 you can hear his talk on "How to use AI to unlock human talent", and learn how AI can change your focus, give you unique and valuable business insight and transform the way you work. On day two Becker will have a session on "The Next Generation of Chatbots – Intelligent, Offline, and Open Source."

June 21: Scouting for Bundesliga
The German Soccer League is among the most competitive leagues in the world. Discovering and acquiring new talents is a key driver for success. While many clubs have historically relied on large teams of scouts who would personally visit as many matches as possible to discover new talent, more recently there has been a shift towards data-driven scouting and the application of new technologies like AI to improve the scouting process. JAAI has partnered with a German Bundesliga soccer club to take its scouting to the next level, and uses Watson to help with the discovery and analysis of new players.

June 22: The Next Generation of Chatbots – Intelligent, Offline, and Open Source
A new generation of chatbot technology is rapidly changing market: These chatbots handle contextual dialogues with deep learning instead of hand-crafted fixed rules. They can run offline / on-premises, and their development stack is completely Open Source and fully customizable for the enterprise IT landscape. Last but not least they offer complete ownership and control over your data and trained models and the option to freely choose and modify the backend NLU- and Dialogue-components. This session introduces, the leading Open Source platform for next generation chatbots, and demos JAAI Agent, an enterprise management and collaboration tool for the RASA stack.

Becker is a passionate advocate for the use of artificial intelligence to unlock human talent. Roland has founded 5 companies and has over fifteen years of professional experience in the areas of Digital Content, SaaS, E-Commerce, Mobile, Social Media, and AI, thereof ten years in management positions. He holds an AI Engineer and a Deep Learning degree from Udacity and a master's degree in Political Science and Economics from the University of Hamburg. Roland has been selected as IBM Champion 2018. He is a married, a proud dad of two children and loves to go surfing in his free time.