Spinoffs from Fonn Group attracts global attention

Published 02.04.2019
Fonn Group, the majority owner of Mediability, continues the entrepreneurial Media Cluster tradition of spinning out new companies.

In January this year Fonn Group, announced the launch of software start-up company Mjoll. Earlier, Fonn Group had invested in the software startup 7Mountains, which was founded in 2018. With the launch of Mjoll, Fonn Group extends its portfolio of companies from delivering professional equipment in the Nordic market with Mediability, to enter the global software market with cloud-based production tools from Mjoll and journalistic tools from 7Mountains.  

Attracting global attention
Mjoll’s flagship product is Mimir - a cloud-based production solution that uses AI tools and smart services for speech-to-text analysis, automatic metadata logging through video object recognition and labeling, face detection, and more.

- Mimir is already in production with the first paying customers and is attracting interest from broadcasters and production companies worldwide, says Håvard Myklebust (photo), CEO Fonn Group.

- Small to large media houses, newspapers, production companies, advertising agencies, and universities alike see the need for cost-effective solutions for managing videos in the cloud and for using AI tools for video analysis, Myklebust adds.

Read more about Mimir on www.mjoll.no

7Mountains with new journalistic tools
At the annual media technology industry event IBC in Amsterdam in September, 7Mountains will be launching DiNA. The team behind DiNA has a vision of creating the best journalist tools, enabling anyone who works with story creation to get the job done smarter and more efficient.

- The number of tools that a journalist uses daily for creating stories across multiple platforms is becoming unmanageable. Our own research within media houses shows that journalists work with as many as 60 different applications and tools throughout the day” says Knut Alfred Andersen, CEO 7Mountains.

- With DiNA, we give anyone who creates stories a single, unified toolbox for working smarter and more efficiently, in a cloud-based and modern environment. DiNA’s modern architecture allows for seamless integration with for example Mimir and AWS technologies, Andersen adds.  

Read more about 7Mountains on www.7Mountains.com    

The Fonn Group companies with Mjoll, 7Mountains and Mediability are all headquartered in Media City Bergen in a shared office space.

The companies will be at this year's NAB Show in Las Vegas – visit https://www.mediability.com/nab-2019/ for more information.