Meet our Interns

Published 24.05.2018
We are delighted to introduce you to our first interns at NCE Media! Maria and Joakim are Master's students at The Western Norway Uni. of Applied Sciences (HVL), studying innovation, entrepreneurship and economy. They have certainly come to the right place!

Maria Uthaug and Joakim Hjelmeland have already been with us for a couple of weeks – it has been a flying start and many of you may have met them already. With an ever-increasing member base in the Media Cluster and the increased activity in and around Media City Bergen, the interns have become invaluable assets for the organization – overcoming every challenge they have faced during the internship so far. The students have worked with organizing events, assisted with projects, and handled day-to-day tasks with the utmost confidence. 

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I am a 24 year old girl from Bergen. I have lived here my whole life except for a few months when I studied in Australia. Besides studies I work part-time at Bohus; a furniture store, and Norsk Fletteri AS; a family company that produces rope and sells fishing equipment to private and retail. I am also chair of the estate  where i live. I have therefore relevant experience within customer services, back office, billing and e-commerce (all parts of it), management and organization. Besides studies and part-time work I go to the gym, and hang out with friends and family. I love organizing, and currently I am planning my next trip to the US. And did I mention - I LOVE food. 

Can you tell us about your studies?
From earlier I have a Bachelor degree in Business Administration from Handelshøyskolen BI Bergen with specialization in project management. My favorite subjects from the bachelor degree was project management, method and econometrics, statistics and personal economics.

I started my Master degree in Innovation and Management last autumn, and have already had interesting and exciting subjects about innovation, marketing, internationalization, sustainable solutions, technology-based entrepreneurship, and finance. An internship over 10 weeks in an innovative workplace is a part of my master and is something I found appealing because I like to work and think it is good learning by using theory in practice.

Why did you apply for an internship at NCE Media?
I find the organization as an exciting and innovative working place where I get the opportunity to be challenged with different tasks that suits me. Media City Bergen is a dynamic environment where I get the opportunity to meet interesting people and get to know the companies in the Media Cluster. It is fantastic to work in an environment where new tech is developed and rapidly applied by the companies.

NCE Media brings together small and big companies, and I think the way the organization works with innovative projects and cross-disciplinary cooperation is important because it brings the problem solving and innovation together. We are lucky to have the chance to be a part of this environment! Because of my interest for planning and organizing I find this very educational to experience in practice. This is something I want to work with in the future!


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Tell us about yourself?
My name is Joakim Lé Hjelmeland and I am 25 years old. Besides school and part-time working at Widerøe Ground Handling, I like to travel, watch sports, go to the gym, and hang out with my friends. When I have any spare time left I often seek opportunities to travel and discover the world. The combination of great food and sunny weather makes me smile.

Can you tell us about your studies?
I have a bachelor degree in business administration from handelshøyskolen BI Bergen and I started on a Master degree in Innovation and Management in the autumn 2017. We have a lot of interesting and exciting subjects on both bachelor and master program. My favorite subjects from my bachelor degree was strategy, statistics, micro and macro economics and project management. I consider my education program and acquired skills to be relevant in several industries and as a door opener to a lot of work opportunities.  

Why did you decide to apply for an internship at NCE Media?
I applied because I find the media industry very interesting. The media industry is a dynamic industry with a lot of cool technology and opportunities. Through our master program we've learned a lot about the importance of close collaboration between companies, but also with the government and research to develop both incremental and radical innovations. NCE Media works with a lot of innovative and exciting projects in collaboration with its members in the media industry. We have also learned a lot about entrepreneurship and start-ups and at NCE Media we got a massive opportunity to see what they offer to start-ups and how they work in the incubator.

I think it is important for students to see that theory actually works in practice and I perceive this internship as the perfect opportunity to learn about world leading technology, projects and collaborations in a very strong and dynamic industry. I also look forward to meet talented people from start-up companies and from the more established companies. It is exciting to be part of the future generation in Norway, especially given the great commitment we have made to innovation and digitalization.

Anne and her team have been fantastic and given us free reign to get as much as possible out of our weeks at MCB. If you have any projects, or exciting events or meetings - we would love to hear from you if we would be allowed to come along to your events!

If you want to meet Joakim and Maria, just swing by the Media Lab and say hello! The internship commences June 8.