Media City Bergen companies pitch ideas for master projects

Published 14.02.2020
In Media City Bergen, master students can collaborate with companies such as TV 2 Digital, NRK, Vimond, Bergens Tidende, Mjoll and Everviz.
Article by Infomedia, UiB

- It is very good to have the opportunity to collaborate with the industry. We are much closer to "real life" here, says master's student Kristin Mjelde, MA in Media and Interaction Design, UiB in MCB.

The Pitch: Innovation, media technology and production
How can one develop technology that can detect "fake news"? What should new digital weather services look like? Can we use artificial intelligence in streaming services in a good way? What are new ways to use digital maps in storytelling? How can we leverage media technology to develop slow TV concepts?

These are some of the topics the companies want to collaborate with students on at the Master of Media and Interaction Design, at the Department of Information and Media Science, UiB in Media City Bergen.

Lisa Marie Solheim og Stine Olsen Helland, masterstudenter på MA i medie- og interaksjonsdesign Steinar Søreide, Chief Technology Officer, MjollLisa Marie Solheim and Stine Olsen Helland, master students at MA in media and interaction design and Steinar Søreide, Chief Technology Officer, Mjoll. Photo: Kurt Gjerde, UiB

- This is a really exciting opportunity for us to get in touch with and collaborate with the students, says Frode Drønen, Chief Technology Officer, in TV 2 Digital.

The students and companies discussed the ideas to find common interests with the goal of collaboration on the master's thesis.

Frode Drønen, Chief Technology Officer, TV 2 Digital.
Frode Haugland Pedersen, Product lead Regional, Bergens Tidene / Schibsted. Photo: Kurt Gjerde, UiB

Hellum fra NRK
Thomas Hellum, Project Leader, NRK. Photo: Kurt Gjerde, UiB

«MCB natives»
- The Master's students are "MCB natives". They have "grown up" here and understand how collaboration happens in MCB. It is a perfect match for connecting industry and research, says Kristine Jørgensen, professor and director of the Master's program in Media and Interaction Design, UiB in MCB.

UiB offers six study programmes with close industry collaboration in Media City Bergen - including the dedicated technology and innovation programmes BA and MA in Media and Interaction Design, as well as PhD in Media Technology and Innovation.

- In Media City Bergen, we combine education and research, industry and practice, and innovation competence in new and novel ways, says Ole J.Mjøs, Professor and Academic Director for UiB in the media cluster.


.. the master pitch concept in Media City Bergen

Media and media tech companies pitch ideas or concepts they would like to explore or develop through collaboration with individual students or a group of students. It may be feasibility studies or the development of prototypes and solutions.

... the master students

This is a group of very creative and technically gifted students who are interested in technology development, media design and innovation. They have bachelor's degrees in, for example, new media, or information science, and some also have experience from business and industry. Read more about the Masters programme here: master i medie- og interaksjonsdesign 

... UiB in Media City Bergen

Media City Bergen is a knowledge and innovation cluster where UiB’s Department of Information and Media Science’s research and six education programs in media production - and technology are co-located with media and media technology companies such as TV 2, NRK, Vizrt, Bergens Tidende and Mediability.