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Published 16.04.2020
The corona virus not only puts life and health at risk, but also jeopardizes large parts of the business community as well as public operations. For those who need to obtain critical operations, share and distribute important information or try to maintain some sort of "business as usual", most meetings, teamwork and productions now need to be done remote and on digital platforms.

The Norwegian Media Cluster have solutions for any form of online communication, and specializes in augmented ­reality, graphics, virtual productions and studios, AI, robotics, broadcast & IP based video. The Media Cluster companies also offer different tools for workflow and visual storytelling. We can assist with everything from small live events to huge broadcast productions or conferences. Many of the media cluster companies have ideas, initiatives or solutions in digital meeting rooms, communication tools, storytelling tools or remote production that can help in the current situation. 

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Tools and Methodology; Excel in digital innovation

Develop your skills, update your tools and sharpen your methodology. 

From the Product Discovery Workshop with Marty Cagan, Silicon Valley Product group.
If you want to excel at innovation, you must also master innovation methodology. This is why the Norwegian Media Cluster work with some of the very best experts in Design Thinking, Lean, Growth Hack, Product Discovery, Scenario Planning, Garage etc. Every year these experts visits the Media Cluster to run master classes and workshop with our members. You can join Media Cluster Tools&Methodology workshops in both Bergen, Oslo and Stavanger, and - these days - on online platforms

Stay tuned for upcoming online Design Thinking training with Justin Ferrell (Stanford University and online Product Management Coaching (Silicon Valley Product Group) in May and June, 2020. Registration to be opened soon. 

There are several upcoming online training workshops and coaching, as well as methodology masterclasses. We are happy to partner with Silicon Valley Product Group, and will be hosting several online workshops and coaching on Product Management. You might enjoy this article by Marty Cagan on how to master Product Discovery when working remotely. 

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The show must go on! World leder Vizrt is the home of IP-based, software-defined visual storytelling, helping to build a better-informed world. You can’t watch news anywhere in the world and not see Vizrt-stuff! The Vizrt mission is to give storytellers the power to master complexity and maximize their creativity. 

Vizrt is one of the Media Cluster companies now working on high end and professional online conferences.

Vizrt group which consists of Vizrt, Newtek and NDI are adapting to our new situation rapidly.
NDI, which is a simple way of transporting a live video signal from a source to a recipient is now being used worldwide especially to enable work from home with a high quality. The downloads of their free NDI toolkit has exploded during the recent weeks. Vizrt also have made their tools for making iPhone a high quality video source free due the crisis.

As our normal way of communication with customers is not available Vizrt group has started a series of presentations, starting from today on Vizrt and Newtek streaming channels. Thru this channels there will be a series of events streamed to our community.

Vizrt are fast working with customers to enable them to work remotely, to manage the new situation both with automation (Mosart) production (Newtek tricaster family) and especially with all things NDI related which have become extremely relevant today.

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IBM Watson Media - Free trials for streaming solutions

IBM is offering a special trial for new customers of IBM Video Streaming or IBM Enterprise Video Streaming to assist during this time of global crisis. This offer includes free access to video streaming for 90 days either to stream events to public audiences up to 20,000 viewer hours or to stream to up to 20,000 authenticated users (i.e., employees) for weekly events during the 90 day period.

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Kulturoperatørene for all your online events

Kulturoperatørene can assist with all sorts of digital meetings, press conferences and other digital communications needs. They currently have solutions for the following: 

Digital Assembly Meeting: Up to 300 people (can be increased to 1000):Full two-way video communication. As many as 50 participants visible on screen at any time. Can also be used with one-way video / two-way audio or audio only. 

  • Participants can join via PC, tablet or phone
  • Viewing presentations, and sharing screens and apps. Both from the chair of the meeting and single participants / external participants
  • Polls (up to 25 polls per meeting)
  • Possibility of deviding into several digital meeting rooms
  • Comments and questions on chat
  • Both web and app solutions
  • Full recording of the digital meeting, including saving chat comments

Mobile Studio:
A virtual studio in your own office allows you to provide a professional image and one that appears more impressive than the regular video conference solutions. The Mobile Studio solution will provide you with a virtual studio in your office. Camera control is held by the chair of the meeting providing a seamless management of the meeting and the interventions of the participants.
This solution also have all the equipment and features listed under Digital Assembly Meeting as well, but in addition you will have a two camera production solution, with camera production and photo mix, as well as lighing. You will be assisted with on site technical manager/camera operator etc.

Kulturoperatørene can also help you set up a professional studio solution for important presentations, press conferences or meetings, where the speakers and/or host is filmed in a studio setting. This also provides the opportunities for more advanced presentations. The studio is equipped with LED displays that provide opportunities for company / organizational branding, and the studio is prepared with 3-camera production.
As of now this can be done in Bergen, Oslo and Stockholm, and if needed - the studios can be linked together. A demo can be viewed here. (password Bright2020)

Contact and info:

Rainfall Virtual Deck

You might want to go all virtual? Using the technology to its full, Rainfall Virtual Deck offers a virtual space for the participants to meet as the corona virus makes it impossible to meet physically. Its not as complicated as you might think!

You can use Live 360 for your concert or a maybe you are in need of having produced a virtual tour for real estate (or anyone else in need for such tool), like this example made for Deli De Luca

Rainfall are experts in VR interaction and can create virtual spaces where participants can interact with each other. There can be as many as 100 participants in the same VR "room". Rainfall can create a virtual office for your team, or create a conference where people can experience it virtually.

Enjoy this video where someone is visiting the Rainfall Virtual Deck, and gets to experience 360 video and the virtual environment. 

Contact VR/AR Director Keith Rainfall at [email protected] for more info.


Another virtual solutions is powered by NagellD, made to meet virtually as we cannot meet in real life. Nagelld is creating different working scenes for virtual reality, including maritime, energy and aquaculture scenes where several users can meet in VR to discuss related topics. These scenes function as a platform for the products / services to be discussed or scenes for training and maintenance routines.

Interactive real-time 3D presentations allows for discussions via regular video conversation software, like Skype or Teams. These presentations allows for digital twin where the sensor data is shown in real-time directly connected to correct 3D object in the presentation. Interactive real-time 3D configurators. To be used for discussing different setups or placements of products before actual production / installation.

Bergen Holodeck can be rented if you don’t have your own VR facilities.
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Fonn Group

Remote working is the standard these days. With the right gear you can go live from anywhere. Fonn Group, with companies Mediability, Mjoll, and 7Moutains delivers production and journalistic tools for the media and entertainment industry, for schools, universities, houses of worship, organisations, and more.

Mediability is a reseller of professional equipment and solutions, and offers products for live streaming from anywhere, for remote / at-home productions and for news- and video production. Their offering includes newsroom in the cloud and video management software-as-a-Service solutions, enabling journalists and editors to collaborate and work efficiently from anywhere.

Webinars: More info
Live Streaming: More info
Newsroom and Media Management in the Cloud: More info 

Info and contact here

BRIK Video

BRIK Video is a new video solution for practical training in companies, developed in collaboration with customers such as Norwegian Olympic Committee (Olympiatoppen), Ado arena, Haraldsplass Hospital, Nidar factories and Norwegian Armed Forces. BRIK assists with content production and digital solutions, and provides advice on how to hold webinars and digital courses. 


Everviz - Visualisation tools for corona outbreak

Good and reliable information is key in this situation. Data visualizations enriches stories and make them more comprehensive and easier to understand. The Everviz tools lets you inform in best possible ways about the emerging Covid-19 situation. The tool is targeted to journalist, researchers or content creators, and is an easy to use tool to share your data through attractive, interactive charts or maps.


Soundly; A Gold Mine of Sound Effects in the Cloud

Soundly provides you with all the sound effects you'll ever need – all in their cloud library, easily accessible from your home office – and transfer them straight into your project in seconds!

Furthermore, Soundly integrates perfectly with your Workflow & Tools. Anywhere. Drag & drop sound effects into any audio or video editor, or use Soundly's integrations with the most popular post-production apps. Soundly is relied upon daily by pros from Hollywood to Bollywood.

Contact and more info here.

Vimond Media Solutions

Vimond IO is a cloud-based collaborative storytelling tool, specially made to meet the new demands of post video production. The tool is made for broadcasters, sports & news organizations and media outlets of all stripes that are challenged to meet the demands of an increasingly competitive and evolving media world. The tool is a non-disruptive, open-architecture video editor that maximizes your output while simplifying your workflow process. With Vimond IO you can remotely produce high quality, frame-accurate video stories any time, from any location, together. 

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These days information and routines are updated from hour to hour. Many find it a difficult to maintain updated courses, clear routines and be able to equip their organization for the challenges ahead. Mediafarm ZAPP will help you create digital courses quickly and easily, as well as provide important tools for crisis management. Challenges many are currently experiencing are:

How to lead when you need to temporarily lay off or discharge employees?
How to give employees quick access to training in new routines?
How to tailor crisis management to your organization?

Info and contact here


ShAIRskills is a unique platform to share skills and expertise during the corona crisis. Here you can register the skills you need to solve your ongoing tasks, and be connected and matched with both businesses and individuals with available capacity.

If your company lacks personnel as a result of the corona situation, you can register what you need in the platform, and ShAIRskills will do their utmost to help you! If you have employees who can contribute, or if you as a private person want to contribute, please find info and sign up here

IBM - Activity Kit for Kids

Activity Kits enable you to leverage your specialized skills and talents to easily deliver engaging learning experiences at schools and organizations in your communities. IBM offers different tasks for children aged 6 and up. A great opportunity for your kids to explore topics like machine learning, IoT, IT security, chatbots and cloud solutions. 

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TV 2 Skole /

TV 2 and TV 2 Skole offer teachers, students and parents access to a simple and easy-to-use digital teaching platform while schools are closed.Last week it was decided that all schools in Norway have to close to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. TV 2 therefore offers free tuition digitally as long as schools are closed. The offer is free for all new users, whether you are a teacher, student or parent. TV 2 Skole is part of the platform, which every day publish the most important news aimed at primary and secondary school. On the website you will also find news services for adults and for students in need of bi-lingual education.


Screenshot from NRK Skole website. 

NRK Skole is a digital content archive that consists of audio and video clips from NRK’s enormous radio and television archives. It is free to use. The content is customized for pupils and teachers in primary and secondary school, and it is linked to the competence goals from The Norwegian Directorate for Education and Training. 
Currently NRK offer clips for natural sciences, social sciences, religion and ethics, Norwegian, mathematics, food and health and social economy.


Senter for undersøkende journalistikk (Centre for Investigative Journalism) offers a  grant for investigative journalism on the corona situation. 

Info and contact here


Photo illustration.

As we are not able to interact the way we did just a few weeks ago, luckily, we are all adaptive and working to find new solutions to keep business going. During the last weeks Knowit have hosted webinars, helped companies with their digital communications and run design sprints online. They are also keeping their clients busy with workshops to introduce new ideas, inspiring employees to further explore opportunities on their own, or to solve current problems the business is facing. Knowit have broad experience in running all kinds of digital meetings, design sprints, digital marketing courses and workshops with clients. They use online meetings, collaborative whiteboarding platforms and webinars to bring teams together, anytime, anywhere to solve different problems within communication, user experience, product development, innovation and strategy. You can read more about their offerings here, and feel free to consider how Knowit can help, so you both can contribute to keep things going for the benefit of the community.

Info and contact here. 


During this unprecedented time, the COVID-19 pandemic has led to an abundance of queries on adapting to its inherent challenges. As a leader in digital mental health services, Lifekeys are utilizing their knowledge and platform to disseminate relevant information. As such, they are now also hosting free daily webinars which focus on the mental health aspects of the corona outbreak. The webinars will include a comprehensive look at, how to mitigate corona related anxieties, and how to keep productivity high while working from home.

To sign up for the webinar, go to

Deloitte / New & Company

Media Lab partner Deloitte is taking part in a groundbreaking project called the Wemunity Project, an initiative from NEW & Company, and also partnered with Nabohjelp, Nyby & Sanity. Wemunity is a platform to registrer immunized citizens and mobilize 
in dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic. This is an open source system where the recovered can be approved to provide assistance in keeping up critical societal functions.

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We are in the middle of a huge health crisis, affecting all parts of society. How you communicate in difficult situations, especially in social media, can be crucial. Some very good insights and advice in this video, where Speaklab´s Siri Lill Mannes talks to expert Heidi T. Ryste. 

Watch the video here 


Working remote makes it more important than ever organizing your archive, and making it available to your team. Saving, sharing and retrieving video content can often be a time-consuming process. With a smart storage tool, processes are simplified and sharing is easier. Norkring have developed a cloud based, smart storage tool for handling all types of media files. Aurora is the answer to those in need of a scalable solution, available where you are and with a user-friendly interface and secure storage. 

In Aurora you can save, search and share relevant clips in one operation. The solution is a cloud based platform making it possible for you to log on to the system where you are. The platform is scalable and fits just as well with small production companies and sports leagues as large media houses and broadcasters.
Contact and more info here.

Scary Weather

Scary weather is a production and consulting company, specializing in science and storytelling. They produce text, images, podcasts and videos - and give technical and practical advice and training. Scary Weather can also help you with streaming of your events.

The last couple of weeks, they have produced several podcasts and videos on the coronavirus pandemic.
Click here for a closer look.


At this very uncertain time Filmtriks continues to be available should you have any media needs, whether that’s a video or motion graphics message to your clients, staff or suppliers or any footage or editing you may require. 
Reach out via mobile +4793056096 or e-mail [email protected]

Until we all can meet in real life again - stay safe and take care.