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The Norwegian Media Cluster is a world leader when it comes to augmented reality, graphics, visualization, digitalization, broadcast and television technology. The cluster has evolved into an exciting international environment with VizrtVimondMediability, the TV broadcasters TV2NRK, the newspapers Bergens Tidende and Dagens NæringslivHighsoft and The University of Bergen (Dept. of Information Science and Media Studies) as key players. 

The cluster now comprises around 100 members and has cutting-edge competence in areas such as AR, VR, graphics and broadcast. Several of the cluster companies are world-leading enterprises in their markets. This is a highly successful environment. Fueled by a unique way of working together and combined with the best tools, more than 80 percent of the cluster members launch innovations every single year, including award winners and global game changers like Vizrt, Vimond and Fonn Group. The Norwegian Media Cluster enjoys an innovation ecosystem that works extremely well, with a high degree of joint innovation projects and high-speed innovation.

In an era where change and innovation are key for business, the Norwegian Media Cluster is a success story.

As a member of the media cluster you’ll get access to all services and deliveries
 provided by the Norwegian Media Cluster, and access to our Media Lab in Bergen city center.

Do you want to join the cluster? Contact CEO Helge Svela (helge() / +47 907 26 422‬) for more information.

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The Norwegian Media Cluster has evolved into an exciting international environment, with more than 100 companies and a total revenue of more than USD 1 billion, and has six major universities and research facilities as members.

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