Meet our new interns

Published 02.04.2019
We are delighted to introduce you to Martine and Runa, our new interns at NCE Media. They are studying for a master’s degree in Innovation and Management at The Western Norway University of Applied Science (HVL), and will spend their internship in the Media Cluster for the next 10 weeks.

Having started their internship in the Media Lab last week, Runa Elin Fjelle and Martine Brandal Øvrelid have spent time learning about the dynamics of the Media Cluster as well as getting to know the cluster members. The students attended the ViSmedia conference, as well as taking part in the first meeting of European network of broadcast sandboxes held in Bergen, in what proved to be an eventful first week at Media City Bergen. During the 10-week internship, the students will have the chance to dive deeper into projects, events, and do communication work in the cluster.  

Anne Jacobsen, CEO of the Norwegian Media Cluster, believes the internship will be of great benefit for the students and the cluster organization.

- There are a lot of activities planned for the coming months, and the students will be involved in a range of different projects and events. Runa and Martine will certainly gain valuable experience as well as unique insight into the cluster during their stint in Media City Bergen. With an ongoing master’s in Innovation and Management they have certainly come to the right place. We are pleased to have Runa and Martine on board, and are looking forward to working with them, Jacobsen says.

Martine Brandal Øvrelid
[email protected]

My name is Martine Brandal Øvrelid and I am a 23-year old girl from Hjørungavåg, a wonderful place outside Ålesund. I grew up and worked a lot at the family farm where we produce hay and silage. In addition, I owned and had sole responsibility for three horses for over ten years, from the age of nine. This taught me the values of responsibility and hard work.

I have lived in Bergen for almost four years. Besides my studies, I am on the board as Communication Manager in Start Bergen, a student organization that actively promotes innovation and entrepreneurship among students. In Start Bergen, I have the overall responsibility for the communication, promotion and digital marketing, and I help planning, organizing and coordinate various tasks for the members. Outside of school and Start Bergen, I enjoy spending time with my boyfriend, friends and family.

Runa Elin Fjelle
[email protected]

My name is Runa Elin Fjelle, I am a 22 years old girl from Ulsteinvik and have lived in Bergen for the past three and a half years. Besides my studies, I am on the board as Event Manager in Start Bergen, a student organization which promotes innovation and entrepreneurship among students. My main responsibility is to distribute different tasks between members and have the overall responsibility for planning and implementation of the events. I started working part time in a goldsmith and interior decoration store when I was 17 and gained a lot of service and customer care experience. In my spare time I like to travel, hang out with friends and family or simply just taking walks with my dog.

Can you tell us about your studies?
Both Martine and Runa have a bachelor's degree in Marketing Management with a specialization in Project Management from the BI Norwegian Business School in Bergen and embarked on their master’s degrees in Innovation and Management in the autumn of 2018. Martine’s favourite subjects from the bachelor’s degree were social media, marketing communications, statistics, branding and project management. Runa’s favourite subjects from included project management, strategy, logistics and business communication.

The master’s degree in Innovation and Management has already covered interesting and exciting subjects about innovation, technology-based entrepreneurship, marketing and internationalization. An internship over 10 weeks in an innovative workplace is a part of our program and is something that appeals to both of us because we both enjoy working and believe it is valuable to combine theory and practice.

Why did you apply for an internship at NCE Media?
We find the media industry very interesting. We both have specialization in project management from our bachelor’s degrees. In theses we discussed Vizrt's time estimation on their projects. This was an eye-opening experience which made us even more curious about what this industry could offer. We see that the media industry is a very dynamic industry with an abundance of cool technology and opportunities. Through our master program, we've have learned a lot about the importance of close collaboration between companies, and with the government and research institutions to develop both incremental and radical innovations. NCE Media works with many innovative and exciting projects in collaboration with its members in the media industry. We have also learned a lot about entrepreneurship and start-ups and at NCE Media we have a massive opportunity to see what they offer to start-ups and how they work in the incubator.

Throughout our studies we have gained a lot of knowledge, but we think it is important for students to see how theory actually works in practice. We view this internship as the perfect opportunity to learn about world-leading technology, projects and collaborations in a very strong and dynamic industry. We also look forward to meeting talented people from start-up companies and from the more established companies. It is exciting to be part of Norway’s future generation, especially with the great commitment our society has made to innovation and digitalization.