Nagelld is our member no. 100

Published 21.11.2017
We are proud to announce another milestone for the Media Cluster as we have reached 100 members!

This year, membership in the Media Cluster has grown to one hundred strong, with Nagelld becoming the lucky number 100.

Key personnel at Nagelld have decades of experience in 3D visualization and B2B marketing; working with strong brands, industry leaders as well as start-ups, on a range of - at the core - technical industries: Oil/gas/offshore, aquaculture and other fields.

– We create anything on a daily basis. Our core business is communication, perspective and helping our customers stand out and excel within their industries, says Rolf Mork-Knudsen, co-owner of Nagelld. Mork-Knudsen co-owns the company with 3D designer and founder Helge Bjordal.

«Tell us what you are thinking, and we can make it»
Customers often come to Nagelld with an idea, which the company then conceptualize and visualize in 3D.

– We are fiercely dedicated to the most important aspect of all - the thoughts and ideas that fuel the process. Our industrial experience and know-how is solid. In short: We know what you’re talking about, says Helge Bjordal.

The team now looks forward to accessing the network and competence in the cluster.

– We wanted to join the cluster for many reasons. One of them is access to a widespread network and companies that we can talk to. We are on the nitty-gritty side of 3D visualizations, animations, VR and interactive 3D for professional industrial and business customers. There are interesting connections betwwen us on the industry side and to other members that create ground-breaking innovations in 3D, VR and AR technology. We also have an ambition to be an active, contributing member in the cluster, and we believe there are several other companies here that share our mindset, Mork-Knudsen concludes.

Here are the other additions to the cluster this year:


Adapa360º's Ali Zareiee doing a live pitch at the Cutting Edge launch stage in September. 

Adapa360º is focused on bringing about the change in how we experience our surroundings, using specially designed cameras and immersing the viewer using virtual reality technologies. 

NCE Media exhibited together with Adapa360º and Oslo VR during the Cutting Edge festival in Oslo in September. Read more about it here.

ANTI Bergen
From left: Christian Bergheim, Meghan Beaton, Sindre Holm, Endre Berentzen and Tom Morgan

ANTI Bergen
is an internationally leading brand-specialist studio. Part of ANTI’s multi-disciplinary agency, of design, advertising, TV, management & PR. With offices in Bergen, Trondheim, Hamar and Oslo, ANTI is established as one of the Nordic’s most award winning agencies with an international network and clients from across Scandinavia to Tokyo, Paris and New York.

– The media industries are some of the most challenging yet dynamic sectors to work with. From brand communications to creative strategy, product innovation to content engagement; every client is walking on new ground. Being a part of this is hugely rewarding, in that, we are surrounded by inspiring innovation and a deep appreciation of what gets people engaged. Ultimately creating platforms, products, content and telling stories that become an important part of people’s day to day social interactions, says Tom Morgan, Associate Strategic Director in Anti.  



Array AS is a young rocket with a bold strategy of being a different IT-company. They will launch themselves as the worlds first open source company Q1 2018. More info to come.

Bergensia – The Sustainable Gazette

Jan Terje Espeland, CEO of Bergensia

Bergensia - The Sustainable Gazette
pushes and inspires leaders, businesses and organizations to innovate and realign their strategy and purpose towards the Sustainable Development Goals.
CEO and founder, Jan Terje Espeland, is glad to be part of the media cluster. 

– We are located in Mediekuben in Media City Bergen. I love to be part of a young and dynamic environment where such a revolting attitude exists that we believe we can change the world, and where people actually go about and do change the world. 

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A Bolder solution. The world is changing fast. Every day we deposit massive amounts of data. Your every move is being monitored and stored by global companies owning and controlling important global infrastructure. Every time you swipe your credit card, search for information, go for a run, rent a movie or interact with your phone, you give up valuable and private information. A few mega co-operations harvest this data and use it to learn things about you that even you didn’t know about you. They use this insight to lock you into their products and services and profit from selling you privacy to small companies around the world. You are left out of the loop with regards to what happens to your information and rewarded with access to “free” services like Google Maps, Facebook, outlook and more, but the cost is higher than you realize. Now think about this. What if you could control all your data? What would you do with it? How would your life be? Times are changing fast. And now there is a new horizon of opportunities. We just call it Bolder because it will give you back your freedom. The freedom to do what you choose.

Hilde Sandvik has created, the first Nordic media platform reaching out in all the Nordic countries. The company is based in Bergen and Copenhagen.
The founder has pitched the concept in our elevator - check out the result in the video above!

Read more about the company here

Capgemini is a global leader in the digital transformation of businesses and organizations. With a client centric focus, Capgemini design, develop and maintain digital solutions, and help organizations in optimizing their capabilities and expanding their customer base. Capgemini is also an integration partner with all significant players in the software field, enabling them to support their customers in leveraging the latest in technologies. With close to 200,000 people, Capgemini is present in more than 40 countries.

Capgemini is a global player, delivering consulting and technology services to the Telecom, Media and Entertainment business (TME). With its local representation in Bergen, Capgemini has through many years been working in partnership with businesses within the media industry. We hope to continue this cooperation for many years. It is also our ambition to bring some of our global experience into the Norwegian cluster, as well as supporting our cluster-partners in their quest for a global marketplace, says Rolf Wangsholm, regional director in CapGemini

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InkyPen AS is a company founded in 2017 in the the Bergen Games Collective by a group of professionals in the media Industry. InkyPen has developed a monthly subscription service which allows users unlimited reading of their comic catalog. The InkyPen service is expected to launch in 2018.

– InkyPen launches its global digital comic subscription service in 2018. There is no better place in Norway to gather media and media-tech knowhow than this cluster, says Ronan Huggard, CEO at InkyPen.

Read more is Norway's largest marketplace for peer-to-peer rentals. Rent what you need – Earn money on what you own. All rentals include insurance from If Skadeforsikring up to 750,000 NOK. Available on web and iOS app.

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From left: 
Ragna Nordhus Midtgard, Siv Dyb Wangsmo, Maria Ekerhovd, Elisa Fernanda Ruiz Pirir, Une Haukeli. 

Mer Film is a film production company that was founded in 2011, counting five employees today. Located in Bergen and in the far northern city of Tromsø, their ambition is to develop and produce Norwegian and international art-house films by directors with a personal artistic vision. In 2015 they founded their own distribution company, Mer Filmdistribusjon. Mer Film want to bring forward filmmakers who engages the audience with stories relevant to our time. Lately the company has made films like WHAT WILL PEOPLE SAY (2017), FROM THE BALCONY (2017), THE TREE FELLER (2016), OUT OF NATURE (2015), HAROLD (2014) and I AM YOURS (2013). Mer Film has also collaborated on a number of international co-productions, working with critically celebrated filmmakers such as Carlos Reygadas, Thomas Arslan, Wim Wenders and Amat Escalante.

– The film industry needs to renew itself in ways of communication with the audience and make use of the latest information technology to become more accessible. By joining the media cluster we are hoping to develop great tech solutions and find new business models for production, distribution and experience of good films, says CFO of Mer Film, Siv Dyb Wangsmo.

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Node | Create is a union for communication, innovation and creativity. A node is a connecting point. A unit in a network. Tomorrow's solutions to today's problems will be solved by specialists within different fields of expertise, working together in cross-disciplinary collaboration. Node | Create will gather the specialists, solve the task, and resolve the group after solving your task. This is how projects can be better, cheaper and quicker with their guidance.

Node | Create are filmmakers, photographers, trainers / lecturers, design thinkers and brand consultants. With multidisciplinary backgrounds ranging from fine arts, agency experience, media experience, directors / producers, innovation, academic background and not least; ability to put this into effective strategies, we are able to make a significant change for organizations. Our strategies are built on insights from research, both quantitative and ethnological, paired with long experience of practical work in communication and innovation.

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Nordialog has years of experience in the development and operation of digital communications in telecom and other products, related to digital communications. Partner of the large Nordialog Group in Norway, that in total has great width and depth of knowledge in the specific sector.

Reinhartsen Media

From left: Lasse Løkken Matberg, Nicolay Reinhartsen (front), Stian Reinhartsen and Tom Erik Ryen (back).

Reinhartsen Media is a social first marketing agency helping companies get ahead of the social transformation. The team is young and passionate about social media and digital marketing, and how the digital landscape is developing. Reinhartsen Media create commercials for social media, online advertisement and create content for all social platforms, run influencer campaigns, create social and physical events and much more. The company is behind the tourism network MittNorge, a brand with a large organic reach in all channels.

– Traffic is a keyword in our organization, and it gives us power in the market, says Nicolay Reinhartsen. 

The company has developed a clever business strategy to increase their reach.

– In social media you can create communities around your brand, and this is exactly what we did with our ‘Mitt Norge’ concept. We paid close attention to what people already care about. You can find indicators of this through hashtags in social media. From there we created a brand that would collect a lot of the free traffic, and started building a community with the people who care most about this. ‘Mitt Norge’ and its family of accounts now has over 800 000 thousand followers on Instagram and Facebook, and over half a million organic views per day, says Reinhartsen.

Reinhartsen highlights network opportunities and competence as key aspects for joining the cluster.

– We wanted to become a part of the ecosystem, as we see that there is a lot going on in Bergen. There’s a lot of competence in the cluster, and we want to step in and take advantage of the possibilities here. We are of course especially interested in tourism, and we are following the Vidden project with a keen eye, he says.  

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Smøla Trade and Cultural Center is a municipal enterprise under the municipality of Smøla. The center is an independent unit, but has the mandate to implement Smøla municipality's business policy, and operates in the field of innovation for the tourism industry.

The Center is currently working on a project on digital communication of history and cultural heritage, with the use of VR and AR.

– Visual technology is a key component in this project, and the cluster’s VizTech competence is one of the reasons for us joining. We are also looking to acquire competence and network in the field, which in turn can prove useful for people working with similar projects around the country. Our focus is to to develop effective workflows and coordinate the work being done, and in time become a center for these types of projects, says Laila Skaret, Cultural Advisor in the municipality of Smøla. 

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Think Outside is a group of start up companies focused on the development of innovative products and services for nature experiences, outdoor activities and tourism. Think Outside has received support from Innovation Norway for their products, as well as funding from Regionale Forskningsfond Vest. The support will be used to conduct a research and development project for Think Outside Ski. 

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TV BRA is a television channel by and for people with developmental disabilities in Hordaland, and is part of Nordnes Verksteder AS, an organisation that provides customized development and job opportunities. One of the main ideas behind TV BRA is that people with development disabilities are responsible for content development and production, that is, both editorially and in relation to the technical production. Employees in TV BRA decide what it should focus on and in making reports for the website -

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With Webstep, clients can create and improve digital services and solutions. Webstep connect technology and business by actively looking for ways to turn ideas into reality. Webstep understand the building blocks and can bring you to the next level of technological possibilities, such as IoT, machine learning, data science, and robotizing. They are hands-on and not afraid of rough weather – this has shaped their identity.

Talented people get the job done quickly and with quality, which benefits everybody. That is why Webstep is comprised of senior consultants and only recruit highly talented and experienced professionals.

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Some of the new members have previously been presented on (in Norwegian):

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