Ragnar Christensen is the Media Cluster Ambassador of the Year

Published 11.03.2022

NRK's Ragnar Christensen received the Ambassador of the Year Award at the much delayed and equally anticipated NCE Media Annual Christmas Special. Through his words and action, Ragnar clearly shows that he genuinely believes in the effect of collaboration across editorial offices, technology companies, and academia. He is also an invaluable driving force for the cluster's department in Rogaland, and has for several years invested countless hours of hard work to accomplish the vision of a Media City in Stavanger, which will house Schibsted, Aftenbladet, NRK, and hopefully multiple startups in the media industry. 

In his acceptance speech, Ragnar explained how special it is to receive this award, especially with the current situation in Ukraine in mind. He mentioned how Russian journalists risk being imprisoned for challenging the government. With that remark, he emphasized the importance of media's credibility and freedom of expression, especially for us here in the Media Cluster, and how we as a community should fight for it.

– It has never been more important to create and publish content to enlighten the public. And it has never been more crucial than now to develop the technology needed to expose fake news, deep fakes, and propaganda. The projects that aim to fight against disinformation that the Media Cluster has been working on together with the cluster family are incredibly interesting and exciting. It's motivating to see their effort!

In addition, Ragnar referred to the two main pillars of the Media Cluster: Media Technology and a Sustainable Democracy.

– Never before has it been more critical than now to work for a sustainable democracy, and we can contribute to this effort by creating content that results in a more educated population.

Media Cluster Ambassador of the Year 2021: Ragnar Christensen (NRK)

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Media Cluster Enthusiast of the Year 2021: Arne Møller (SpeakLab)

The Enthusiast of the Year award went to Arne Møller for his unstoppable enthusiasm and extensive efforts for the cluster community. Arne shows over and over again through his actions that he has the Media Cluster at his heart.

Media Cluster Networker of the Year 2021: Hege Marie Kallestad (TV 2)

The Network Builder of the Year award went to Hege Marie Kallestad for her ability to see opportunities at any time and in any situation. Hege Marie engages those around her in the cluster community and has made a great effort in establishing the Media Network in Bergen.

Media Cluster Navigator of the Year 2021: Lars Nyre (UiB)

The Navigator of the Year award went to Lars Nyre for his passionate commitment to the cluster over the span of many years. Lars Nyre tirelessly promotes the cluster's students and builds relationships between academia and industry.

Media Cluster Good Helper of the Year 2021: Chris Black (Vizrt)

The Good Helper of the Year award went to Chris Black for his many years of efforts for the Cluster, the Cluster family, and especially the work with regards to the flagship conference MBC Tech.

Media Cluster Thumbs Up Award 2021: Factiverse represented by Maria Amelie and Gaute Kokkvoll 

The Thumbs Up of the Year award went to Factiverse for their brilliant thumbs-up-mentality. Factiverse always says yes to help the community, and delivers solid contributions to large and small stages and important projects.

NCE Media would like to thank every member, partner, and contributor in the Cluster for great help throughout the year. We look forward to a continued great collaboration in 2022!

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