The Weather Channel becomes the first Virtual revolutionary TV-Channel

Published 11.06.2020
Following last month's announcement of a large rebranding project with the Saudi broadcaster Al Arabiya, Myreze from the Norwegian Media Cluster has released details on yet another impressive project. This time with The Weather Channel, received by approx. 80 million households in the U.S.

That fact that a small company from Bergen gets to create the world's first virtual TV channel can be compared to a car mechanic in Northern Norway suddenly being tasked with building the next space shuttle for NASA, says CEO Bjørn Myreze to Kampanje.

The Weather Channel television network is the top-rated and most widely distributed weather network in America. It has been the leader in severe weather coverage, providing the most comprehensive analysis of any media outlet and serving as the nation’s only 24-hour source of national storm coverage. The Weather Channel is also the leading weather information provider using emerging technologies and for 10 years in a row, has been ranked as the “TV News Brand of the Year” by Harris Poll.

Myreze is a branding and motion graphics company based in Bergen, Norway with extensive experience developing virtual reality content with some of the biggest entertainment channels in the world, including Saudi Arabia’s Al-Arabiya, China’s CCTV and Norway’s TV 2. With acclaimed endeavors, cutting-edge designs and groundbreaking visuals that have been viewed by billions around the globe, Myreze is taking the industry by storm with the goal of helping companies to immerse their audiences in a new age of technology.

Myreze is now working with The Weather Channel in a partnership to launch their network into the new decade - to design a revolutionary new studio along with Zero Density which fully utilizes virtual technology to create an immersive experience and explore new ways to merge mixed reality content with weather data. 

The Weather Channel is no stranger to using cutting-edge elements in their programming, having previously adopted virtual methods to present groundbreaking segments. Myreze was contracted to create a home for weather-related news and one that aids in The Weather Channel’s vision of bringing interactive technology to America’s TV screens.

The impressive features created by Myreze range from a large physical globe protruding from the wall to provide a more detailed and less static point for the presenter to host from, to a circular screen in the center of the studio that displays in-depth weather data in specific regions of the world. Its open ceiling floods the space with natural light and fully exposes the curved structure that perfectly cements all elements together. These impressive features provide the perfect setting to tell captivating stories and take full advantage of the limitless integration of mixed reality.

Using the acclaimed Epic Games Unreal Engine, The Weather Channel has used mixed reality to create incredible visual representations of weather events and predictions. It has been used to virtually ‘hurl’ animated 3D objects toward the audience and allows any weather forecast segment to be transformed into a fantastic visual story told through realistic animation. With Myreze-designed content, people can connect to and get a true understanding of Weather scale as well as important references that catch the eye such as warnings and key talking points.

Having talent presenting stories in a space that is fully integrated with virtual reality creates countless new possibilities in exploring content. Myreze wanted to take this concept even further and create an unparalleled immersive studio which allows the surrounding environment to seamlessly transform to whatever weather the network is forecasting and in great detail. From transporting to the beach and filling the studio with summer sun, to experiencing rush hour in a crowded city - anything is possible to fine tune the studio’s feeling to any story. The design is captivating and truly is a stunning visual presentation of who they are: innovative, adaptable and creative.

By designing a studio that uses modern materials in a natural setting, Myreze created a unique environment that combines the familiar feeling of traditional broadcasting studios with one that effectively communicates The Weather Channel’s new look. 

Myreze has been a great partner in helping us visualize and execute amazing environments that will help us bring the weather to life, said Weather Channel Vice President of Design Michael Potts.

As an exciting start to a new beginning for The Weather Channel and our partnership, this new studio will be the central hub for weather-related news around the U.S. for many years to come and with the world of broadcasting swiftly adapting to the possibilities using virtual reality today, it’s safe to say The Weather Channel is already thinking about tomorrow.