This is Future Week 2021 – Save the dates 27 Sept - 1 Oct 2021

Published 02.07.2021
Future Week is coming up last week of September and we already have some highlights that we want to share with you.

Future Week contains more than 50 events, seminars, workshops, breakfast meetings, popup talks, entertainment, research seminars, demos, presentations, lectures, keynotes, debates, and discussion - all about our shared future as it is driven and shaped by technology. 

We can already promise you a week sprinkled with exciting and pioneering experiences as well as valuable insight, inspiration, and - not to forget - the opportunity to network. We will look into the future, to discuss what lies ahead, and check out some of the great innovations from the Norwegian Media Cluster. We will also check out innovations that did not fly, and what we can learn from those. And as always, Future Week will have a Back to the Future track, looking into some really interesting cases and formats. 

A brand-new data journalism conference

The Data Journalism Conference will be held annually and will be the place to be for the nerds in the newsroom. This conference will dig into the core of data journalism. Visualization, sensor journalism, data security and coding are keywords for this conference. As an extension of the meeting, we will organize a hackathon to lay the foundation for relevant learning and networking. 

Launching Norway's first sports journalism conference

Content, innovation, and technology are three keywords when Media City Bergen, TV 2 Sporten, and Ennem collaborate on an entirely new initiative. The goal is to gather different skills, interests and people for both professional and social events.

– With this initiative in the cluster community join forces to launch a wide range of high-quality sessions aimed at both a national and international audience, says Vegard Jansen Hagen, Sports Editor at TV 2.



MediaFutures: Research Centre for Responsible Media Technology & Innovation invites to its first Annual Meeting during Future Week. The meeting will have a diverse program, including talks from MediaFutures researchers and industry partners, invited international speakers, interactive sessions, and many networking opportunities. 


No doubt that artificial intelligence (AI) is already a part of our everyday workflow and that the use of AI will continue to increase. At Future Week you will have the opportunity to join several events, seminars, talks, and debates about AI, including how journalists effectively can use AI in their workflow. We will also look into how AI can fuel new storytelling formats and detect disinformation, fake news, and online manipulation campaigns.


The development of 5G opens for great possibilities in the broadcast industry. Still, much is yet to be discovered and formalized. 5G will come as a service offering, but it is also a technology. For several reasons, both will be disruptive and can be utilized for new and enhanced services. 5G will bring us and our IoT devices closer and more connected. It will also change the way we work, play, think and plan. During Future Week we will address some of the most relevant topics regarding 5G. 


Estonia - The discovery that changed history

The controversial documentary about the passenger ferry M/S Estonia that sank en route from Tallinn to Stockholm gained widespread attention worldwide, with coverage in The New York Times, Le Monde, BBC and The Guardian. Due to the discovery and massive awareness, the government in Sweden, Estonia and Finland is taking action with the diction of conduct new dives to the wreck to assess the findings of the filmmakers. At Future week you will meet the producer Frithjof Jacobsen and directors Bendik Mondal and Henrik Evertsson. There will also be a screening of the whole Estonia documentary.



Workshop and Hackathons 

Future Week will, as always, hold several different workshops and hackathons with plenty of opportunities to explore and dig into some of the topics presented at Future Week. 



Back to the future 

Over the years, several great ideas were developed in the Media Cluster and genius innovations were pioneered and launched - but did not fly. We will look into a couple of the most interesting ones, and see shat happened, and what can we learn and use for future innovating relaces? 

Live podcast recording

Future Week will have a podcast track where different companies and people will be invited to do live recordings of their various podcasts with a live audience. 


Finally – Future Fest 

After one and a half years without the possibility of coming together with friends and colleagues, we will make sure that Future Week ends with a party for the history books. Save the date; 1 October at Media City Bergen. 

Do you want to take part? Contact ketil(at)