A Virtual Royal Visit from Norway to California, Courtesy of Myreze

Published 30.04.2021
Exciting new technology, a green screen, and cluster member Myreze with a groundbreaking virtual solution. This is the combination necessary to teleport HRH Crown Prince Haakon to a virtual conference with Nancy Pelosi and leaders in government, industry, and academia in California to debate topics of national interests. – The proudest moment in my entire life, says CEO & Founder of Myreze, Björn Myreze.

This conference is made possible by revolutionary technology from Media Cluster Member Myreze. When Myreze produces the first virtual Royal visit from Norway to California, the results impress both the Norwegian and California delegation.

– This has been a fantastic experience, says CEO of Innovation Norway, Håkon Haugli.
– The technology is impressive and provides for an experience of actually being in the same room, even though we are physically located in different parts of the world. We need to explore new ways of interacting, have greener meetings, and the virtual world is definitely worth exploring. We have had a great time working with Myreze on this virtual visit to California.

Streamed live from Norway and San Fransisco

California and Norway have a strong relationship, with close collaboration on climate, energy, and sustainability issues. But due to the pandemic, it would be difficult, if not impossible, for such a visit to take place. However, utilizing virtual solutions from Myreze, the meeting could still happen, and in a quite out of the ordinary way. This virtual technology facilitates a new way of “travel” and meet, which gives us the illusion of sitting in the same room when being on different continents. This was a complex and huge operation, streamed live from San Francisco and Norway.

This is the proudest moment in my entire life, says CEO & Founder of Myreze, Björn Myreze.

– We are extremely proud and honored to be a part of this revolutionary project on behalf of Norway, continues Björn Myreze.

A cutting edge project

– It's not the first time we are involved with a cutting-edge project, it's not the first time we push creativity and technology to the maximum, but it's definitely the first time we do this on behalf of Norway. And we are humble, proud, and inspired by working with Team Norway, The Royal Palace, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Consulate General in San Francisco, Innovation Norway, and all the amazing teams and people on this project. Seeing how extremely professional, humble, and collaborative these important instances are, I'm actually speechless.

Watch NRK's ​​coverage of the visit here

International collaboration

This project was all about creating a conversation between nations and people in a special time in history where nobody could travel or meet in the physical world. All the people who were following this conversation felt they all were sitting in the same room even though they were thousands of miles apart.

– This could never be done if it was not for the fact that we collaborate both internally and externally across the globe. So if you look at the big picture here, the topic of the conversation was also resolved in this production, as we need to find more effective ways to communicate and collaborate. The Norwegian Media Cluster is a good example of how companies need to work together for the greater good, just as nations need to collaborate for a better world and future. This is the world's first virtual teleportation and Norway have together shaped the future of telecommunication. Without Innovation Norway, the Media Cluster and every single person on this project - this historical moment would never have been possible, says Björn.

– I've always been proud of being Norwegian, but now when I have a tiny glimpse into our leaders extremely important, hardworking, and humble work. I'm so proud that I'm struggling to keep my tears out of the way.

The Royal House of Norway was clearly impressed with the possibilities provided by Myrezes virtual technology. Read what The Royal House of Norway writes about the virtual visit here.

Speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi, Crown Prince Haakon and Minister of Foreign Affairs Ine Eriksen Søreide. Photo: Screenshot from the broadcast.

Photo: Simen Sund

Photo: Simen Sund

Media Cluster Core Competence

The Norwegian Media Cluster has its core competence within digital communication and works on virtual studio solutions over several different projects. This year, the cluster has run a joint innovation project, funded by Innovation Norway, to pilot new ways of “travel” during Covid, providing learning, competence, and new innovations. 

Day 1. Virtual visit by HRH Crown Prince Haakon of Norway to the State of California

Day 2. Virtual visit by HRH Crown Prince Haakon of Norway to the State of California