Vizrt - The Election Story

Published 21.12.2020
An estimated 4 billion people were watching the U.S. election coverage powered by Vizrt tools this fall. Over the years, elections have become a media spectacle and a time when broadcasters are truly experimenting and innovating.

On December 17. Anne Jacobsen (CEO NCE Media) sat down with Vizrt’s Chris Black (Head of Brand & Content) and Petter Ole Jakobsen (Founder & Chief Innovation Officer) to discuss Vizrt's election story.

The session can be viewed in its entirety here:

In this session, we looked into how broadcasters are using Vizrt tools in their election coverage, and how storytelling has evolved over the years, with the evolution of the video wall and the creation of AR graphics, holograms, and teleportation.

Vizrt, one of the key companies from the Norwegian Media Cluster, is the preferred graphics solutions provider for every major broadcaster in the world, and an estimated 4 billion people were watching the U.S. election coverage powered by Vizrt tools this fall. 

- There are hundreds and hundreds of broadcasters that are covering this as a story, all over the world, says Black.

In what has been a very special election, the usage of Vizrt's solutions has also been outstanding compared to previous elections. The tools have allowed broadcasters to convey complex information over not just one night, but over an entire week. Broadcasters are using the tools in a much more elegant and coherent way, with the focus being more on conveying information than we've seen before. 

Everything from the election broadcasts, except the anchors and some physical desks in the studios, are created using Vizrt's solutions. There are obvious things like the background, graphics, and AR graphics, but broadcasters also use the solutions behind the scenes. Everything from cutting between cameras to playing video and automation is all controlled by Vizrt tools. It is truly all-encompassing productions driven by Vizrt software.