Dagens Næringsliv joins the Media Cluster

Published 10.09.2020
Dagens Næringsliv has recently been through a major restructuring, and has launched several innovation and development initiatives. To further accelerate digital development the media house now joins the Media Cluster as a member.

During the last few years DN has been going through a vigorous and rapid development in a digital direction. The media house and NHST-group have launched new services such as DN Investor, introduced one of the worlds most advanced systems for robot-sketching of newspaper pages and developed an analysis environment that conduct big data analysis's based on the behavior of subscribers and content, to mention some of their achievements. 

DN has also experienced a substantial growth in subscribers. The pace of innovation has been further accelerated through the coronavirus crisis. In the span of a few weeks this spring, DN launched new newsletter initiatives, established webinars as a new revenue source, and succeeded with the launch of a new live studio and live video. 

- We have worked systematically to become a more innovative organization during the last three years, in regards to journalism, commercialization and on the technical side. This work has been successful. The coronavirus crisis has proved that the editorials have never had a more important role and standing in society than they have today. But we have to work continuously to develop. Knowing how to utilize technology to greatly benefit journalism and the media house DN, is important to us. The Media Cluster is a leading environment in media technology and digital tools, and has an array of exciting projects that we wish to be a part of, says publisher Amund Djuve in Dagens Næringsliv.

Ingeborg Volan, Editor for publishing and visual journalism in DN, will be the primary point of contact between DN and Media Cluster initiatives and projects. She has a longstanding experience from different media in Norway, and she has been in the front of technological innovations in NRK, Adresseavisen, and now in DN. Volan is also the leader of the Norwegian Editors Association's selection for technology and innovation.

- As a perpetual technology optimist I believe that we have only seen the start of what's possible to achieve in the intersection between journalism and technology. I'm looking forward to working closer with the Media Cluster, both in regards to specific projects and companies, as well as with the development of journalism. In DN we have experienced the power that lies in collaboration between different environments. We have already collaborated with Norwegian technology companies and startups over several years. Now, I look forward to getting to know the many exciting members in the cluster. I also believe that the experience DN can bring to the cluster can be useful to other members, especially concerning the opportunities that lies in data, technology and analysis into the investigative and agenda-driven journalism, Volan says.

Ingeborg Volan will also join the NCE Media Advisory Board, which works towards the development of new innovation projects in the intersection of journalism and technology, and otherwise serves as an advisory body for the Media Cluster's board and organization.

- We are delighted to welcome DN as a new member in the Media Cluster, says Anne Jacobsen, CEO NCE Media / Media City Bergen.

- DN represents a strong publisher and media house that has excelled and played an important part in Norway over the years, especially through investigative journalism. I belive the environments can contribute greatly to each other, and we are looking forward to the collaboration.